The Jordan Golf Federation” and “Ayla” Finalize Preparations to Host the 31st Season of the Jordan Open Golf Championship

Al-Anbat -

The Jordan Golf Federation and Ayla Oasis Development Company completed all preparations for the 31st edition of the 2022 Jordan Open Golf Championship, which will take place from October 20th to the 22nd, with players from 14 countries taking part. The Jordan Open Golf Championship is part of the annual calendar of events implemented by the Ayla Oasis Development Company in cooperation with the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority.
In addition to Jordan, where the tournament is being hosted, the following countries are taking part: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar, Lebanon, Sudan, Morocco, Bulgaria, Serbia, Sweden, Azerbaijan, Tunisia, Bahrain, and Slovenia.
In preparation for the launch of the global event Days before the international event, Ayla Oasis Development Company, in cooperation with the Jordan Golf Federation and under the supervision of the Jordan Olympic Committee, completed tournament, notably in areas relating to readiness of courses, the academy, and facilities for participating teams and players, all of which are overseen by golf specialists and experts. In addition to the competition schedule and high-level services to ensure professional competitions and championships.
The Jordan Open Golf Championship, now in its 31st season, is the result of combined efforts and cooperation between the Jordan Golf Federation and the Ayla Oasis Development Company, which aims to broaden the diversity of sports participation and provide opportunities for sports enthusiasts to keep up with different tournaments, especially in vibrant Ayla.
Ayla’s Managing Director, Eng. Sahl Dudin said, "Organizing such an event with high-level global presence and attention proves that we have turned from COVID-19 repercussions and moved to bigger horizons of tourism and sports, which helps Jordanian athletes, as Ayla continues to support the national sport of golf.”
Dudin saw the tournament's organization as a global testament to Ayla's tireless efforts in adopting the best international standards, professionalism, and excellent performance that characterize its work, all of which contributes to promoting tourism and sports development of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone, which in turn, benefits this Jordanian sport.
The President of the Golf Federation, Dr. Nidal Al Majali, said, "The Jordan Open Golf Championship, in its 31st edition, is the result of joint efforts and cooperation between the Jordan Golf Federation and Ayla Oasis Development Company, and several other cooperations including the Aqaba Special Economic Zone, the Aqaba Development Cooperation and the Jordan Tourism Board ,which aims to enhance the diversity of sports participation and provide an opportunity for sports enthusiasts to follow different tournaments, especially in the vibrant Ayla project. This consolidates Aqaba’s position as a global tourist sports destination with the presence of the Ayla golf course, which is considered one of the best internationally and is distinguished by its observance of environmental controls in an open atmosphere.”
Throughout the course of the tournament, the participants will participate in the "Caddies Program" developed by Ayla for the local community as part of its social responsibility strategy, providing the various facilities and services that players need during the competitions.
Jordan Golf Open Championship 2022 brings together dozens of media professionals in this sport to broadcast the tournament's competition for three days, strengthening Ayla's position as one of the world's most diverse urban communities and promoting the Aqaba region as a unique tourist destination and its ability to host major events.
Jordan will be represented in the event by ten players from the youth and junior categories, as fierce competition is expected due to the presence of international players, which will benefit all participants, especially the Jordanian team.
Ayla offers an integrated system of world-class golf facilities, including an 18-hole (par 72) championship course designed by the renowned international designer Greg Norman, which blends in with the natural terrain of the Aqaba coast and the landscapes formed by the combination of sand and water.
In addition to the golf course, Ayla also provides access to a specialized a golf club, which includes a golf academy, providing training and education supplies for this sport with a 9-hole course dedicated to training.
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