A Global Humanitarian Catastrophe

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After more than a hundred days since the tragic escalations in
Gaza, the region stands on the brink, with intense potentials for either a
regional explosion or the implementation of military tactics serving both
declared and undisclosed goals. Adversaries teeter on a precarious edge,
where considerations are both existential and influential.
In the face of impending events, where post-war considerations and the
accompanying turmoil are met with challenges integral to a world of
indivisible issues, there is no room to distance oneself from unilateral
interests disconnected from the region's realities.
Political awareness addressing the political, security, economic, and
rapidly evolving humanitarian challenges surrounding the Middle East is
imperative, given both existential and influential concerns.
Jordan remains steadfast at the forefront of advanced political, diplomatic,
and humanitarian efforts toward the Palestinian cause, events in Gaza, and
the wider region. Jordan serves as a bulwark against the scourge of drug abuse
while bearing the burden of refugees.
The urgent need arises to rebuild a serious political process following the
October 7th collective peace treaties and collective security guarantees,
aiming for an agreed solution to the refugee problem and a commitment to
ending the conflict.
In light of the perilous developments in Gaza and its surroundings, it is
imperative to stress that lasting peace or security in the region hinges on a
just resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The tragic escalations on
the 7th of October are the inevitable consequences of the absence of a
serious and fair political solution to the Palestinian -Israeli conflict ,
resulting in ongoing humanitarian disasters.
His Majesty King Abdullah consistently reaffirms Jordan's unwavering
stance on the Palestinian cause, vigorously defending their interests and
just struggle.
The international and Arab communities must urgently mobilize to end this
period of human suffering, protect civilians, and halt violations of
international laws, violence, and escalation before the consequences
become irreversible.
Innocent civilians must be treated with respect, safeguarded, and never
used as human shields. Civilian premises such as schools and hospitals
should never be targeted. Immediate humanitarian access to Gaza is
paramount to provide water, medical supplies, food, and fuel to those in
The Supreme Court of Justice has issued a just decision, urging the global
community to unite in garnering international public support and advocacy
to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza, thereby averting this
catastrophic crisis and preventing a new cycle of violence.
The urgent need remains to define a roadmap for a serious political process
following the 7th of October with the need collective peace treaties and collective security
guarantees, aiming for an agreed solution to the Palestinian – Israel
conflict considering refugee problem and a commitment to ending the
The international community must earnestly offer a serious peace initiative
—a chronological process with well-defined objectives to end the
Palestinian-Israeli conflict, with all parties expected to contribute to the
governance of Gaza and its reconstruction, prioritizing a two-state
Gaza—a path where all roads lead to death, with over 17 thousand
children detached from their families, life essentials unreachable, sewage
destroyed, and pandemics spreading.
UNRWA serves as a lifeline for over 2 million Palestinians facing an
unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Gaza, necessitating sustained support
to enable the agency to continue its vital services in accordance with its
UN mandate. Efforts must be intensified to ensure sufficient and
sustainable humanitarian and relief aid delivery.
Urgent recommitment to peace as the strategic choice is essential. Without
radical reform of the international order, the war in Gaza heralds a world
spiraling out of control.
 An Immediate ceasefire is imperative, with global
leadership necessary to maintain international peace and security, deterring
the escalating chaos in the West Bank and Jerusalem that could lead to
regional explosion.
The urgent global imperative is to create a political horizon for the
Palestinian-Israeli issue, reaching just and comprehensive peace based on
the two-state solution. Stability in the region as well as the glob hinges on
resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
Gaza—a hell on earth.
Rawan S Al Hiyari