The Zionist occupation storms Al-Shifa Hospital... a miserable failure to turn the massacre into an image of victory

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The Greater Satan, "USA” is planning and giving the green light... and the Lesser Satan, "Israel,” is implementing it.

The quackery itself... from Vietnam and Afghanistan after that in Iraq and all the way to Gaza

Alanbat - Abd Al-Rahman Abu Hakimah - Khalil al-Nizami

Translated by Rahaf Abdullah 

The scenario of the war currently taking place in the Gaza Strip brings us back to memory of the great, humiliating defeats suffered by American forces in the war on Vietnam in 1964, in which more than 70,000 American soldiers were killed, and the invasion of Iraq in 2003, in which more than 15,000 American soldiers and workers were killed. In addition to its humiliating escape after the defeat in Afghanistan in 2020, leaving behind thousands of bodies of American soldiers and heavy and light American military equipment and weapons.

What today is similar to yesterday, where the military scenario followed in the war on the Gaza Strip currently is repeated in an equation led by America, or "the Great Satan,” as many politicians and military people call it, in order to protect and survive its spoiled girl, "Israel,” which preserves its interests in the Arab region and guarantees that... Stability and progress of the Arabs politically, technologically, militarily and scientifically.

The war on the Gaza Strip does not stop at dropping bombs from Zionist enemy aircraft on the homes of civilians, killing them and displacing them, nor does the fighting resistance respond with missiles to the Zionist settlements or confront the invading forces in the Strip. Rather, there is a war raging in parallel, represented by the media and psychological war, whose goal is mobilization, incitement, awareness, and... Dispersing public opinion, changing ideas, consolidating new ideas, changing the nature of concepts, and introducing new concepts linked to the meanings of resistance and sacrifice for the sake of land and religion.

The scorched earth policy collapses in the face of resistance 

In detail, the scorched earth policy, during which the Zionist enemy aircraft dropped the equivalent of two nuclear bombs on the Gaza Strip, as a result of which thousands of civilians were martyred, most of them children and women, was unable to prevail over the resistance heroes who inflicted very huge human and military losses on the Zionist army, given the study The Palestinian resistance fighter's land, his belief in the right to fight, and the advancement of his military mentality gave him the advantage in the street battle currently taking place inside the Gaza Strip, during which the Zionists received painful and fatal blows.

It is worth mentioning here: After its successive defeats in (Afghanistan, Iraq, and Vietnam), America was known for its high skill in making war media propaganda, and the Zionists were also known for their great skill in making war media propaganda, and the war on Gaza involved America as its command center and position, and the army of the Zionists. With the combat military arm, which makes American "propaganda” and Zionist media propaganda work in one row against all media practices that try hard to show the truth represented by the victory of the Palestinian resistance over the Zionist enemy army and its infliction of heavy losses.

The false military pretext that the Zionists are currently using in their war on Gaza is the same one that the Americans used in their invasion of Iraq in 2003. They claimed, through their deceptive intelligence services (CIA), that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and it was later revealed that they were just a group of deceivers who lied to the entire world. They justified their lie with an apology they presented on television after the killing and displacement of millions of Iraqi children and women and the overthrow of the regime of the martyr, former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

The "Zionist-American" quackery in Gaza... was preceded by the quackery in Baghdad

The Americans and Zionists are repeating the same scenario of quackery and lying to the world through media outlets that lack objectivity and accuracy (BBC.CNN); The reports of their intelligence services revealed the existence of a military base for the Resistance Command under Al-Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip, after they and their followers in the region failed to convince world public opinion that Hamas is a terrorist movement, and proved to the whole world that it is a legitimate resistance movement on land and religion.

The lie of the war scenario on Al-Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip is no different from the lie of the war scenario on Baghdad International Airport in Iraq, in which the Americans deluded the entire world of their victory over the Iraqi forces and the fall of Baghdad in the media before its militarily fall into the hands of the invaders. We discovered years later that the victory of the American army was For other reasons related to military plans, and not to the ability and strength of the Iraqi army, and this proves that the media war is considered an alternative to the military war, and this is what happened during the Cold War between the communists and the capitalists in their war in which the United States won by a knockout and the Soviet Union collapsed without a military war, but rather due to media propaganda. And also, as happened during the Gulf War, where CNN monopolized the media scene, and we waited for a long time until we were able to discover the facts and expose the quackery fabricated by CNN and its media arms.

The false victory over the resistance in Gaza

In addition, the quackery currently being practiced by "America and Israel” in the war on Gaza aims to paint a picture of a "fake victory” in the media in front of the peoples of the world, including making Al-Shifa Hospital the main goal that must be achieved on the Zionist army’s agenda through the theory of media framing and the focus of all media outlets on What is happening in the hospital, to prove their deception about the lie that the main military base of the Resistance Command is located under its building, and its fall means the fall of the resistance in Gaza, and this is what may be promoted in the media in the coming hours and days, especially since the Zionist soldiers have captured hundreds of displaced people and workers from Inside the hospital and taking them to unknown places with the aim of inventing a new lie that they are not displaced people, but fighters from the resistance who were captured, so that they can promote their media lie to the world about the fall of the resistance in Gaza.

This was confirmed by Hebrew media outlets, including Channel 13, which considered the storming of Al-Shifa Hospital to be a fatal intelligence failure, contrary to what was expected, as it was proven that the hospital was an area completely devoid of resistance military actions.