Epidemics: Jordan free of new mutant infections

Alanbatnews -

Public concern over repeated coronavirus scenario

Alanbat- Zaina Barbour

Translated by Feryal AlTamimi

 Despite worsening global waves of coronavirus new mutant (EG5) The great fear of its gravity, but some citizens in Jordan have a different view, they say that the vaccines they received earlier will immunize them from the dangers of the virus. But the focus of the danger is their view of the possibility of domestic quarantine and closures across the Kingdom's governorates, they pointing out that Jordan continues to suffer from the effects of the recent pandemic.

 For his part, the Director of the Epidemiology Department of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Ayman Magablah, reassured citizens that Jordan free of any injuries from the new mutant (EG5), according to the Ministry of Health's monitoring and records, stressing that hospitals are fully prepared in terms of readiness and medical personnel to deal with any emergencies.

 Speaking with AlAnbat, he continued that the new mutant less dangerous than his predecessor. And it will be dealt with by the scientific and medical mechanism that is dealt with by any other mutant, Detection of low hospital occupancy for respiratory diseases in addition to the availability of all medicines and vaccines for the coronavirus axis, pointing that the government will work to secure the required quantities of suppliers of vaccines and medicines in case of increased demand.

 It is worth mentioning that, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), it has been reported that "EG5" for the first time on February 17 this year, and was classified as a probation pivot on July 19 of the same year through the current risk assessment classified and its sub-series as a pivot that should be of interest (EG5) Increased incidence and prevalence in some countries or even around the world.