US state sets law guaranteeing children's rights in TikTok

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Alanbat - Feryal Altamimi

 Illinois is poised to become the first U.S. state to guarantee financial compensation to children who influence social media platforms, according to a new law that will take effect from July 1, 2024.

 According to a report by the website "Fortune", the new law aims to address concerns about child exploitation on digital platforms, including TikTok, YouTube or any other platform.

 According to the information, the law covers children under the age of 16, who appear on communication platforms through paid posts such as funded ads, and videos that often show personal details about children's lives, attracting lucrative business deals. The law in Illinois provides regulations to protect these children who have become influential.

Children in Illinois will be able to personally receive a share of the profits based on the number of views of the video that generates at least 10 cents per view. Content must have been created within Illinois, and children must appear in at least 30% of the content, within a 30-day period. Video producers (Floggers) should keep records of children's appearances and allocate their earnings to children's reserve accounts.

The law aims to protect children from the financial exploitation and misuse of their talents by their parents. This legislation targets families whose income depends on photographing children and families, rather than regular participation in social media platforms.