Ambassador Henry Wooster: Ukrainian War is Much Scarier than Conflict in Palestine

Alanbatnews -

Alanbat- Nemat Alkhowara

Translated by Ahmed Afaneh 

US Ambassador to Jordan Henry Wooster said that US welcomed and fully supported any peace initiative to end the Ukraine Russia war regardless of the party submitting it.
However, he said at the same time U.S would neither leave Ukraine alone to face this destructive war alone by Russia nor stop its support.
US Ambassador said this at a documentary screening event on the destructive effects of the Russian Ukrainian war, at the Ritz Carlton Amman. The event was organized by the U.S Embassy of Jordan last Sunday in the presence of Ukrainian Ambassador to Jordan Myroslava Shcherbatiuk. Several journalists and political figures were invited by her to attend this event. 

US Ambassador said the Biden Administration supported any peace initiative compatible with the UN Charter and its relevant laws. We would not allow any party to throw them in the trash can.   

As per America’s double standards in dealing with middle eastern issues especially the Palestinian case, he said that the war in Ukraine was much scarier than the conflict in Palestine.

Its bad effects on the US were also far greater. At the same time, he denied any double standards by the U.S when it comes to crimes.  
He also pointed out that the war led to a hike in food prices globally because Ukraine is a major exporter of main food commodities. He reiterated his country’s support despite the current inflation in U.S.  

For her part, Ukrainian Ambassador to Jordan Myroslava Shcherbatiuk called upon Jordan’s media not to stay neutral when covering the conflict. Ukraine endured injustice and the Russian military campaign had to stop. 

She also talked about how many countries were affected. Jordan experienced a hike in food and fuel prices. 

She praised Jordan’s balanced position in its foreign policies, including the current war in Ukraine.

She also said that Russia wanted to have Ukraine as one of its colonies. She called upon Russia to withdraw from her country and find a peaceful solution to end the war.