Launching a marketing campaign for Jordan at the Cannes International Film Fair

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Al- Anbat- Insherah Altamimi


The Tourism Promotion Authority launched a marketing campaign for Jordan, as part of the Cannes International Film Festival, which will be held from May 16-27 in Cannes, France.


According to a statement by the authority today, Saturday, the Director General of the Tourism Promotion Authority, Dr. Abdelrazzaq Arabiyat, stressed the importance of the Kingdom’s marketing campaign in such events, noting that more than 80,000 filmmakers, directors, actors and journalists are expected to attend, given that the Cannes International Film Festival is one of the most important exhibitions. international movies.


He said that the commission seeks to invest in Jordan's enormous potential to be a global destination for filming.

Arabiyat pointed out that the global film industry is a huge industry estimated at 88 billion dollars annually, and film organizations in the world compete to attract part of it to their countries due to the large direct and indirect economic benefits it brings, creating new job opportunities in the tourism sector and distributing tourism revenues to include wider regions in Jordan.


He said that the revenues of the film industry in Jordan have exceeded over the past ten years more than 150 million Jordanian dinars and have contributed to providing thousands of jobs. He added that this campaign will help promote Jordan as a global tourist destination, as it is possible to benefit from the films that were shot in Jordan and achieved wide international fame.


He pointed out that the film industry contributes enormously to promoting the country in which it is filmed, and there are many examples of countries that have achieved unprecedented tourism leaps due to filming a movie there, such as New Zealand, in which tourism revenues rose to more than three billion dollars in 2014 after a series of films were filmed there "Hobbit".


Arabiyat emphasized that the marketing campaign came to enable Jordan to truly benefit from the important opportunities offered by photographing various works of art in it, and that they can be invested by designing tourist itineraries around the sites where they were filmed, in a way that provides a different tourism experience and contributes to attracting more tourists.


He explained that the Tourism Revitalization Authority hosted many production companies from Hollywood and Bollywood in previous years to encourage them to shoot a greater number of films in Jordan by providing incentives to film producers.


The Tourism Promotion Board also supported the efforts of the Royal Film Commission Jordan in its work in Jordan and its promotion of the Kingdom abroad through international film festivals, including the Cannes Festival.