Italy: Discovery of new treasures in Paestum

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Al-Anbat- Seham Qasem


Excavation in Southern Italy revealed the heads of clay bulls and a statue of the Greek God Eros riding a dolphin, highlighting religious life and the rituals of an ancient city, according to officials of the Italian Ministry of Culture, the day before yesterday.


This is the first collection of artifacts identified from a temple in the ancient Greek city of Paestum, dating back to the fifth century BC, Paestum is known for its huge three-pillar temples, located near the Pompeii archaeological site.


The Italian Ministry of Culture said in a statement that "the small temple was first identified in 2019 along the walls of Old City, but excavations were halted due to the Covid-19 pandemic”.


The Ministry added that” Excavation in the early months of the resumption of the work resulted in the discovery of several small statues of clay.


Archaeologists found seven bullheads around a temple altar as if placed there on the ground as a form of communion”.


A small dolphin statue was also found in the first collection of artifacts in Paestum and limited excavation of temples began in the 1950s.