Aqaba: complaints of high poultry prices

Alanbatnews -

Al-Anbat – Dina Mahadeen

Translated by - Sara Al-Azzeh

Citizens in Aqaba governorate complained about the return of poultry price rises "Poultry slaughtering place", in the local market after the Ministry of Industry and Trade set price ceilings for them, expressing their dissatisfaction with the large and unjustified price rise as the holy month of Ramadan began.

Poultry shop owners pointed out that poultry is not available in quantities that meet the market’s need for the supplier deliberately, which was reflected in the prices of poultry supplied to the shops, and their high prices for the consumer.

In turn, the Director of the Directorate of Industry, Commerce and Supply in the governorate of Aqaba Suhila Al-Budoor said in a special talk to "Al-Anbat" that since the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, the Directorate has carried out many monitoring and inspection campaigns on Aqaba markets to ensure the availability of basic and Ramadan commodities at competitive prices.

She added that the Directorate has undertaken emergency campaigns to verify and stabilize price indicators and the availability of essential goods and to deal with complaints received by the directorate, indicating that 14 offences have been liberalized since the beginning of Ramadan, including 4 offences of an increase in the price of chicken.

Al-Budoor indicated that the availability of fresh chicken was scarce during the past few days in some shops and malls after monitoring it by the inspection and control teams, suggesting that the reason for this is the lack of sufficient quantities by suppliers and distributors to the markets.

As the purchasing movement approaches the markets on the occasion of Eid, many citizens are scrambling to buy goods from websites and after many complaints received by the Directorate, citizens must be careful before buying on websites and social media sites and to ensure the quality of the product.

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply set earlier the price of chicken, as the live chicken for the produce of "Bab Al Mazraa" is one dinar and 45 piasters per kilo, and for distribution is one and a half dinars, and for the consumer at one dinar and 65 piasters, and the price for the distribution of fresh chicken was set at one dinar and 90 piasters, and for the consumer two dinars.

The decision came under Article 7 of the Industry and Trade Law No. (18) of 1998 and its amendments, for the purposes of controlling the market and maintaining price stability in the local market.