Finance of Representatives” discusses the reports of the Audit Bureau regarding the Ministry of Justice

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Al - Anbat - NEVEEN- AL- JARRAH 

The Parliamentary Finance Committee discussed clarifications and violations related to the Ministry of Justice, within the framework of discussing the reports of the Audit Bureau for the years: 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. This came during a meeting held by the committee, On Sunday, headed by Representative Dr. Nimr Al-Slaihat, and in the presence of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Kholoud Al-Abbadi, the Director of the Internal Control Unit in the Ministry, Fakhri Al-Khatba, and the acting head of the Audit Bureau, Ibrahim Al-Majali.

Al-Slaihat stressed the importance of preserving public money and not tolerating the aggressors, stressing that all pending clarifications should be closed and not repeated. He praised the ministry's role in ending and closing most of the violations mentioned in the report.

The meeting was attended by deputies: Muhammad Al-Shatnawi, Dirar Al-Harasees, Suleiman Abu Yahya, Najeh Al-Adwan, Asmaa Al-Rawahneh.

For their part, Al-Abbadi and Al-Khatba said that most of the violations mentioned in the report have been corrected, indicating that the status of the remaining ones will be followed up. They added that the Audit Bureau will be provided with books proving all corrections to the violations that have been closed.