The phenomenon of the shadows of the differences of financial heirs is ravaging their investments and affecting the economy

Alanbatnews -

Al-Anbat- Yara Badosi

Translated by Noor Almasri

We often hear of financial disagreement between heirs of large and huge companies and investments, which has threatened the stability of investment and may have led to the dissolution and liquidation of the partnership or the complete cessation of its business. Repeating the same scenarios between the heirs of businessmen and investment owners posed a threat to Jordanian investment reality in general.

This phenomenon may have caused a weakness in the "culture of partnership" among partners, which may be due to lack of  knowing and knowledge of partnership project laws or the failure to regulate things in advance among the heirs by the businessman.

At first glance, some may think that they are merely disputes whose effects are limited to members of one family, but in fact they have an impact on the entire country's economy, especially when these differences occur between heirs for large and important investments and play a central role in the economy. These differences can be a cause of economic destabilization and reduce the injection of liquidity into the Jordanian economy.

naturally, this is an indication of increased unemployment and joblessness rates, as these investment closures discontinue the employment of hundreds of local and national workers, especially in labour-intensive enterprises, and workers rely on them to spend on their families, as it will reduce the injection of their financial liquidity.

It is time to the awakening and not take risks in stopping investment projects, not to make financial differences undermine them and push them to lose and shake their stay, and achieve ensuring that companies continue to control financial matters and preserve the rights of heirs and partners in these projects before that disaster occurs and go to the judiciary.