WhatsApp is subject to EU privacy requirements

Alanbatnews -

Al-Anbat- Rahaf Abdullah 

WhatsApp has responded to EU privacy policy requirements and ensures it complies with consumer protection law.

The app plans to better inform users of future changes to the terms of service, after reaching an agreement with the European Commission on Monday.

The app had a one-month deadline to clarify recent changes to its Terms of Service, its privacy policy, and to ensure it complies with EU consumer protection law.

EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders said in a statement that EU consumers "is entitled to concretely understand what they agree to and what this choice entails”.

WhatsApp agreed to make it easier for users to refuse updates if the terms are not satisfactory to them, as well as to clarify when their decision not to access the messaging service entails.

WhatsApp commitments also include allowing users the option to postpone updates, not sending frequent reminders of updates and ensuring that their data is not shared with other companies such as Facebook for advertising.

EU consumer protection agencies referred WhatsApp to the Commission in 2022 over what critics saw as unfair practices in informing users of changes to contracts and privacy policy.

The move comes on the heels of concerns about the lack of clear information for consumers about the consequences of their decision to accept or reject the company’s new terms of service, according to the European Commission.