Orange Abdali exhibition provides the first experience of the fifth generation technology in the Kingdom

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Al - Anbat- Batool Alhajjaj 

 Orange Jordan launched the first actual experience of the fifth generation technology (5G) in its exhibition in the Abdali Boulevard area, and allowed visitors and guests to discover closely the capabilities of the latest technology locally and what it carries of capabilities and advantages , before the official and operational launch of the service in the Kingdom.

 The unique experience included a simulation area in the exhibition, so that all those wishing to live and enjoy the fifth generation technology.

 Eng. Walid Al-Doulat, Executive Director of Total Sales and Executive Director of Information Technology and Networks at Orange Jordan, confirmed the company's commitment to investing in developing Orange's digital infrastructure, which is characterized by high efficiency and continuous expansion to provide fifth generation technology, pointing out that the volume of Orange's investments in the Kingdom exceeded 1.3 billion dinars.

 Al-Doulat added that the fifth generation will support digital transformation as well as enhance the competitive environment and contribute to making Jordan a regional center for the communications and information technology sector, especially with the growing reliance on digital infrastructure and its continuous development, within the framework of the national economic modernization vision.

  Mrs. Naela Al-Dawoud, Executive Director of Marketing and Customer Services at Orange Jordan, explained the difference that the fifth generation technology will make in the local market, in many sectors such as educational, industrial, health, transportation, and the entertainment and electronic games sector via the Internet, as it will witness a quantum leap thanks to what it offers.  The pioneering technology of high speed, low response time, and new capabilities, in addition to what the business sector will enjoy in terms of raising performance efficiency, reducing investment costs, enhancing productivity, and exploring new ways of doing business.

 Al-Dawoud added: "As a leading and responsible digital provider, Orange seeks to keep everyone connected with everything that matters to them and enrich their digital experiences with added features and the latest technologies.  A more integrated and interconnected digital system than ever before.

  The experience of 5G technology comes as part of the efforts of Orange Jordan and the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission to enhance digital infrastructure and provide the most advanced technologies, which contribute to the advancement of the communications and information technology sector and all sectors in the Kingdom.

 Orange Jordan will launch the fifth generation technology strongly, relying on the global experience of the Orange Group, which launched this advanced technology in several countries, and within the group's strategic direction, which will enable it to adopt best practices in line with the highest standards.