STS with Huawei, Mastering the new generation of technologies

Alanbatnews -
Zeid Mazahreh, General Manager Solution Sales
In line with Jordan’s Economic Modernization Vision, we as STS are one of the leading Jordanian ICT and Digital Transformation solutions provider since 1989, and are committed to provide the local and regional markets with the latest technologies, solutions, and services.
Through our long-standing partnerships with industry leaders such as Huawei, we continue to serve multiple industries such as the financial, governmental, health, educational, telecommunications, and other commercial sectors in the MENA region.
To master the new technologies technique, STS and Huawei partnered up and this partnership resulted in a number of successful and fruitful outcomes for many projects done between both parties.
STS has collaborated with Huawei - Jordan in several projects since Huawei is positioned as one of the leading companies in the ICT sector worldwide, and is considered as an ICT products provider for network, cloud systems, big data.
STS also provides solid Modern Infrastructure offerings that are revolutionary and confident to deliver highly flexible scalable and agile environments, Its dynamic, diverse, and elastic modern infrastructure enables organizations to consistently deliver highly optimized user experiences by leveraging multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments, containerized workloads and serverless computing.