Smarter is more durable

Alanbatnews -
Mohammad Atout CEO of trismart group

To master the art of technology through orchestrating innovative solutions and exceeding our customers’ expectations, is our grand vision in Trismart group.
Since its inception back in 2005, our pursued mission is to always leave a print in the world of technology by empowering talents to go beyond limits in serving clients, Therefore, building strategic partnerships with the leading and major players in Communication Technologies field all over the world is essential. 
One of our strategic partnerships is with Huawei, despite it is considered a young company in compare to the competitors in the global scale, Huawei has achieved in a very short time a high level of innovation, customers centricity, and for sure leaving a print in the world of technology by executing the major technology projects in the region. Wither in the field of IP, IT or Data Center Facilities, Huawei is continuously offering the top-notch technologies, empowering their customers with the required tools to transform their business digitally.

In a growing market with thousands of solutions available, clients insist to implement the latest technologies, Trismart chose Huawei as a partner to guarantee the excellent in the field of technology and system integration and serve MENA markets with the state-of-the-art system integration technology, providing solutions in the field of IT infrastructure, security and customer journey management.

At Trismart, we believe that new and up to date products and services are easy to come-by, but custom-tailored services need a lot of work, therefore, we aim to bridge the gap between individual customer needs and available technology while also staying updated with the latest digital transformations and innovative solutions, and Huawei technologies is the main pillar in our building.
We strive for smarter future, smarter is more durable.