Ziyad Al-Mnasir... a national stature that will not be affected by the forces of reverse tension

Al-Anbat -

Alanbat-Omar Alkaabneh

Translated by: Rahaf Abdullah

Recently, the US Congress included Jordanian businessman Ziyad Almnasir's name on a new list of wanted persons, and their money will be confiscated under the guise of a relationship with Russia. This is an unfair list against the Jordanian son of Bain-Abbad Al-mnasir that was imposed because he had a Russian passport, and this is not the basis upon which such decisions are made, but this is the "arrogant American" who is looking for any argument to punish successful Arabs and others without any discord or conscience.

The most difficult dilemma in this list is that it opens the door to opportunity for those who have weak souls among those who are affiliated with us, as well as from the forces of reverse tension lurking in every success and genuine Jordanian success, by circulating rumors and malicious extortion with the aim of reaping some dirhams that are completely unsatisfying, but they may shut their open and stinking mouths, which have not and will not affect "hair's breadth" in the person of Engineer Ziad Manasseer and will not deter him from completing his outstanding successes in his country and country.
What is remarkable about this case, which is only included in the item that is least described as "despicable," is that these people grew up on it since their childhood. They meant a patriotic man's privilege, the security of investments for Jordan worth billions of dinars, which served several vital sectors and provided the state treasury with half a billion dinars annually. They also meant the accommodation of more than 5,000 Jordanian youth workers in particular, which Eng Almnasir focused on, provided that priority should be given to them over others, in light of the economic conditions experienced by the youth of the country.

We will never forget Almnasir's national contribution in many crises that we have passed on to our country, such as when the Manasir Group donated a quarter-million JD in support of government efforts and the Jordanian Armed Forces to face the Corona Virus crisis, in addition to his support in opening roads when it snows every year and the construction of several buildings in villages and governorates to serve the children of the community and offer scholarships that benefit Jordanian youth and many others that cannot be enumerated here.

The question is here: Where are the government agencies concerned with defending her son, who belongs to his country? Eng Al-Mnasir, who did not hesitate to offer every precious and precious thing to this country, chose Jordan to provide these investments, which have contributed and will contribute to lowering unemployment rates, particularly among young people. Al-Manasir, who grew up in this country and is a unique engineer of his kind, needs a popular and governmental stance to defend him as a result of this unfair decision against him, and this is the least he can do.
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