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Al-Anbat -

Al - Anbat - Menas - Bani Yaseen - Translated by - Neveen - Al - Jarrah

This is not the first time that the matches of the Jordanian national team have been held with international football teams, and Al-Nashama has always had a significant presence on the global football scene compared to the rest of the world's teams in terms of the support provided and the capabilities that it has, and it has previously won many championships At the regional level, in addition to the fact that we have a lot of professional Jordanian players in various top Arab and European clubs.

It is known in all countries of the world that the fans of national teams differ in form and content differently from the fans of local clubs, given the importance of national teams in the sense, belonging and national conscience, especially as they carry the image and reputation of homelands within the Green Square arena.

And what we saw yesterday on social media platforms regarding the behavior of many citizens, whether they were with real and well-known names or they were from the "electronic fly paralysis", about the meeting of the Jordanian national team with the Spanish team in a friendly match, an indication of the shallowness of the intellectual level and the low sense of patriotism and sense of The responsibility of many of them towards the homeland and the reputation and image of the homeland and its symbols, which raises the alarm for the official bodies that work on projects of political and social development to structural change in the nature of their plans and strategies.

Let us think a little and wonder about the condition that the national team players will be in when they read the frustrating and offensive comments and publications, especially those that carry with it the philosophy of mocking and mocking them, and belittling them in front of the Spanish national team, which they magnify at the same time.

On the other hand, let us agree that these shameful behaviors, in their stereotypes and nature, represent a challenge to the system of national belonging, the sense of responsibility towards the homeland and the value that the national team represents in the hearts of Jordanians. Before the official agencies and institutions, the arena should not be left random and chaotic in this way, and the national team becomes a victim and permissible for every amateur and rogue.

Let's take a look at the sister Arab teams that are currently conducting friendly matches with the teams of the countries of the world that qualify for the World Cup, and see how their fans interact with them through social media platforms. The morale of the players they have and raise their level in front of the rest of the countries as a kind of affiliation and national pride.

Generally,,, We are fully confident in our national team and in the ability of its players in terms of performance and content, and we know with certainty that " Al-Nashama team "also has the competence and experience to face the top international teams, given what is in its historical basket full of achievements, cups and medals, and a good and good reputation For him and for Jordan in general in all forums of the countries of the world and at all levels.
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