Percentage of counterfeit medicines is zero, Mhedat: we do not have cement bearing materials

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Al -Anbat - Dalal Omar

Translated by - Lima Zeitawi


The Director of the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Nizar Mhedat, denied in exclusive statements to "Al- Anbat "the existence of medicines that carry cement or counterfeit materials in their composition, pointing out that these medicines are found in countries outside Jordan.

He continued by saying: "We have a global classification in the institution that shows the countries in which counterfeit medicines are sold and traded, stressing that the percentage of counterfeit medicines in the Kingdom is zero.

 Dr. Nizar pointed out that there are many violations monitored by the control committees in the institution in the issue of electronic promotion of medicines and violates legislation, stressing the need for legislation that allows the circulation, distribution and marketing of medicines.

He added that there are conditions and requirements for those who wish to promote and sell medicines online, but within certain determinants and conditions subject to approval from the Foundation, stressing at the same time that many electronic pages violate the conditions of the Foundation in the process of promoting medicines that are not registered in Jordan, or for a drug registered in Jordan but is marketed in a non-indication authorized by the Foundation.

He praised the supervisory role played by the committees and teams of the Food and Drug Administration to prevent the arrival of an not allowed and unsafe drug to citizens, especially as it poses a danger to the human body and there is no legal accountability for the person who sells the drug because it is unknown and practices selling from behind an electronic screen through social networking sites, especially slimming drugs, impotence drugs and hormone drugs.