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Al-Anbat -

Al - Anbat - Zaina Al-BarBour

Translated by - Abdullah Dabash

Under the auspices of His Excellency the Minister of Labour and Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply, and in cooperation with the General Federation of Trade Unions in Jordan, the Jordan Chamber of Industry held the fourth SME Conference on Tuesday morning at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel entitled "Employers-Workers Dialogue: Towards Effective Labour Market Policies"

The President of the General Confederation of Trade Unions, Mazen Ma’aita, stressed in a special statement to " Al -Anbat” that it is social dialogue that promotes social partnership between the two parties to production, i.e. workers and employers. This partnership is the bedrock of the national economy because these two parties are partners and producers. Without this partnership, the economy cannot move forward and grow, The dialogue between the social partners should be intensified to promote and develop the national economy.

The Director of the Research and Development Unit Mohammed Khalayleh stated that the aim of the conference was to consolidate views through joint sessions between employers and workers, Referring to the main areas of labour market policy: training, vocational and technical education, social protection,dialogue and social partnership.

In special statements to "Al-Anbat”, He continued that the joint recommendations in their three main areas would be submitted to The Government, which considers the third party to be a production party, legislator and policymaker to adopt and implement it on the ground within its operational programmes.

Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Farouk Al-Hadidi explained that the conference is a real opportunity and a positive step presented by both employers and workers, In unifying class and providing common and similar insights into labour market policies and what is required of the government to make these policies more effective and flexible.

He stressed that the Ministry will strive during the coming period to reflect and adopt all the recommendations emanating from the Conference, Within the action plans of the vision of economic modernization in order to benefit the national economy and create the working environment to promote all small and medium enterprises ,which constitutes the largest proportion of the operating enterprises within the national economy. 

It is worth mentioning that the organization of this conference complements the role of the Chamber, which it has adopted since 2014, in raising the level of influence of employers' organizations in public policies .The empowerment of SMEs in achieving inclusive and sustainable industrial development was introduced by the Chamber at its three previous regional conferences ,held previously.
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