Husein Al-Jaghbeir writes: Why do we underestimate mistakes and not hold the perpetrators accountable?

Al-Anbat -
Al-Anbat: Husein Al-Jaghbeir

Translated by: Lima Zeitawi 

As usual, there have been tens of press statements and assurances from the Greater Amman Municipality, the Ministry of Works, and other official institutions that preparations are at the highest level regarding dealing with the winter season and preparing for strong weather conditions.

However, as usual, we fail the first exam, like the one that Amman faced the day before yesterday, and it is an exam of the easy level, meaning that the weather fluctuations that prevailed were not as dangerous or surprising, and yet we record a major failure in dealing with them, and we go to publish clarifications of its goal. exonerating oneself from the defect that occurred, which are naive justifications devoid of logic and unacceptable to reason, as everyone read the statement of the Greater Amman Municipality on Sunday evening and the language that was used in it, which only aims to throw the responsibility on its shoulders.

As usual, we do not hold any failure to perform his work accountable, as we underestimate the mistakes that occur, even if the victims are people's property or their lives, and we have seen one of the citizens almost lose his life in the drain without God's care and rescue in the last moments.

What is the flaw, or more specifically, why are we in this weakness in front of the consolidation of the official's accountability, who underestimated everything, to reassure him from the absence of punishment, as he realizes that a fixed ball does not change, no matter how wrong or short in his work?

The government is at its weakest and is not considering following up on the performance of officials and holding them accountable, which is a major flaw in its overall work system.
Are we waiting for a new catastrophe until we wake up from the coma that we live in? And do we wait for the loss of the souls of Jordanians until we go to take measures aimed at putting ash in the eyes? What is happening in this country that has entered its second centenary? Is it not time to turn into a state of institutions, not of people and interests interfering between officials?

Difficult times such as winter and the previous chapters have witnessed many incidents that we did not learn from, that we did not benefit from their occurrence, and that we did not build new policies to prepare for and address so that they were not repeated.
The comfort of an official who sits in his chair for years and years without accountability, review of his performance, or even evaluation of his management is the main reason why we always fail at critical and sensitive times.

Some areas of Amman suffered in the first winter, which is not classified as strong, and we saw the streets filled with water. The preparations and media coverage were a fantasy.
In fact, experiences confirm that failure is a permanent title in such circumstances, and May God keep us away from the bad. if we remain in this state of not holding the wrongdoer accountable, because he will remain reassured without care, and then negligence will increase and the frequency of mistakes will increase, and the country and the citizen bear the negative and catastrophic consequences sometimes.
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