"Tamkeen" begins its founding procedures.. Al-sleem : The party will not be just a number

Al-Anbat -
Al-anbat - Maryam Al-Kassim

Translated by Dana Al-Shakhanbeh 

In light of the state's tendency to establish parties and work on their integration, "Tamkeen" party began the founding procedures for its establishment, and it is a party that starts from the base of monitoring people's problems and needs and presenting various programs to solve them.

Dr. Maysoon Talilan Al-Sleem of the Tamkeen Party said that the party started from a broad popular base of women, explaining that the main goal of the party is to monitor the imbalance in various areas of life, whether economic, political, health or educational, and work to reduce or bridge it through the party's programs that will be formulated strategically within a specific mechanism, stressing that the party will work with all its energy to solve people's problems.

She stressed that the party focused on women's participation, so that their percentage in the party would be more than the 20% approved by the Parties Law, adding that "we will have a number of women who believe in the idea of ​​'Tamkeen', and empowerment is the qualification of the citizen to know his surroundings more.

Al-Sleem indicated that the party does not want to be just a number of parties, but it seeks to select effective members with accumulated experiences in order to be able to influence people's lives.
She explained that those in charge of the party's founding visited the northern governorates, and soon they had a meeting in the Badiah to present the party's goals to people and encourage them to join it.
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