Suspension of trading shares of companies on the Amman Stock Exchange that did not submit their financial statements

Al-Anbat -
Al-Anbat – Karam Al Hjouj

The Amman Stock Exchange has declared that a number of companies’ shares will remain suspended, with trade continuing through the Unlisted Securities Exchange (OTC).
The ASE changed its mind about not giving the Stock Exchange past financial statements within the allotted time frame, along with the decision not to give the Stock Exchange audited quarterly financial statements from the fiscal period that concluded on June 30, 2022 The Stock Exchange said its decision was based on the provisions of Article 15/B/6 of the Securities Listing Instructions for 2018.
The provision of financial statements to the Stock Exchange by companies for the second quarter is in compliance with the provisions of the ASE Listing Instructions, which require all listed companies to prepare audited progress statements from auditors, in order to strengthen the principles of disclosure and transparency and to enable investors and shareholders to obtain the necessary information and the results of the companies' business on an ongoing and timely basis.
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