Transport Authority: 200 dinars for buses and 50 for taxis as fuel subsidy per month for a period of 6 months

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The Director General of the Land Transport Regulatory Authority, Tariq Al-Habashneh, confirmed that there is no increase or increase in the prices of public transport fares in the Kingdom.

Habashneh revealed the mechanism for providing fuel support to public transport operators. He said in a statement to Public Security Radio today, Tuesday, that the government has allocated an amount of 5 million dinars to support vehicle operators operating in the public transport sector (buses, taxis service), and the support will be delivered within Bases that depend on operational costs, since they vary from large buses to small vehicles, and this will be done through a clear mechanism that depends on distributing fuel exchange cards from any gas station, and this method was chosen to ensure the delivery of support to its beneficiaries, indicating that the support is not Cash support, even cards for small vehicles and cash for large buses.

And Habashneh indicated that the buses that travel a distance of more than 150 kilometers will receive a cash subsidy of 200 dinars per month for a period of 6 months, equivalent to 1,200 dinars in total value, and as for the taxi, a subsidy of 50 dinars per month will be provided as "cards" - as for the support for buses and buses, it will be Depending on the distance traveled.

The Director General of the Land Transport Regulatory Authority explained that a vehicle number will be dealt with either by authorization of the driver from the vehicle owner or to review the latter in person, and support cards will be distributed in two installments for every 3 months at once, and regarding the mechanism for obtaining the card, it will be agreed upon during a meeting with Company managers either through the offices of the Land Transport Authority or adopting the easiest way for operators, stressing that things will be appropriate and satisfactory for public transport operators.

It is noteworthy that the Council of Ministers approved a mechanism for disbursing and distributing fuel subsidies, which is allocated to the beneficiaries of the National Aid Fund, incapable university students, and the public transport sector, amounting to 30 million dinars.
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