KAFD Launches a Funding Window to Support Digital Game Developers

Alanbatnews -
Translated by: MAYS ALSHAWABKEH 
At a time when new e-Game creators struggle with the lack of support and financing needed to make their ideas work, the Jordan Gaming Lab opens a funding window to encourage digital game developers to support young people in the sector.
The window aims to broaden the brains of creative young people, aid in their creative development, and provide them the chance to turn their ideas into useful enterprises that create both direct and indirect employment prospects. Additionally, it helps Jordanian startups and independent developers grow their businesses and improve their skills, which helps the fund fulfill its goals of supporting initiatives and programs that help young people become more productive, particularly in the electronic gaming sector.
The fund opened the door for young developers and start-ups operating in the electronic games sector to apply and register in the second version of the funding window to enable e-game creators to acquire financial and technical support for their technical projects under particular terms for the time period from June 26 to July 17. 
Noor Khreis, Maysalward's Executive Director and Technical Partner for Electronic Games, stated that His Majesty the Crown Prince, who visited the annual conference of electronic game creators hosted by Jordan, recommended and ordered the opening of the assistance window for electronic game developers last year.
He continued by saying that the conference covered the challenges faced by game developers in an interactive session with local and Arab participation. These challenges included financial challenges ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 dinars to support them in marketing operations so they could release the game after its production and post their advertisements on social media, as well as the necessity for an electronic gadget that speeds up the development process.
Khreis claimed that His Majesty the Crown Prince had received instructions to provide finance, which is a sum of money to help them, by submitting the application to the arbitration panel that assesses his merchandise. 
He stated that four people received support via the final timeframe. Three of them fulfilled their requests at the predetermined times. They were first contracted with them, and they followed up on the phases that were finished. When they were ultimately flown to Turkey to attend a conference for the toy industry, they learned whether the game is entirely undeveloped, when changes would be made, and when payments will be made. 
The Gaming Lab was established in 2011 at His Majesty the King's initiative to serve the needs of enterprises and developers engaged in the design and development of electronic games. Currently, it generates sales of between $130 and $140 billion annually, including $70 billion from mobile. 
Although young people must grow their ideas, they have reached the point where they are unable to take the next step, which entails speaking with the investor about the effects and buzz created for the game to demonstrate its ownership as well as what they have planned for it and the means and methods of marketing. It's crucial that young people understand how prominent the application sector is globally.