Frequently Asked Questions onOtrElkalam(Scent of Speech)

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1- What is OtrElkalam(Scent of Speech) show?

It is an international competition for reciting the Holy Quran and the call to prayer. It is organized by the General Entertainment Authority. It targets talented people in the field of reciting the Holy Quran and delivering the call to prayer. It is the largest competition in its field in the world.


2- What are the main objectives of the competition?

It aims to display talents in their fields, glorify the Holy Quran and the call to prayer and highlight the aesthetics of sound and vocal rangesof reciters and muezzins.


3- Can I participate in the competition?

There is no registration available for the competition currently, as the initial registration stages began in 2019, and 36 contestants were nominated for the final qualifiers out of 40,000 participants.


4- The jury recommended my candidacy but I was not contacted.

36 finalists were shortlisted after being selected by the jury, and all finalists have been contacted.


5- Why was I not qualified despite my proficiency in the call to prayer/recitation?

The applicants were evaluated in the competition based on clear and precise criteria, including good voice, mastery of recitation, mastery of the call to prayer, and the jury decided to nominate the best 36 contestants for the final qualifiers.


6- Was I not nominated because I am from outside Saudi Arabia?

All evaluation stages follow criteria that ensure equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of their nationalities or cultural backgrounds. Finalists from multiple nationalitieswere qualified.


7- I passed the first stage of the preliminary screening; how do I know if I have been nominated for the final qualifiers?

All finalists have been contacted.


8- How were the contestants contacted?

They were contacted through the data attached to the application, including e-mail, mobile numbers for calls and text messages.

9- Will there be a second part of the Holy Quran and call to prayer competition?

The activities of the General Entertainment Authority, its programs and events will be announced on time. For more information,you can follow the accounts of the Authority to know its latest activities and programs.


10 -How many episodes are there of OtrElkalam(Scent of Speech) show? And when is it broadcast?

19 episodes, which are broadcast from the beginning of Ramadan 1443 AH, one episode per day.


11-Where are the episodes of OtrElkalam(Scent of Speech) broadcast?

They are broadcast on the official Saudia TV channel.


12-How many contestants are there in the Quran and call to prayer competition,OtrElkalam (Scent of Speech)?

More than 40,000 participants from 80 countries applied to the competition, and 36 contestants from several countries qualified for the finals.


13- How many categories are there in the competition? And how many contestants are there in each category?

The competition is divided into two categories: the Holy Quran recitation category and the call to prayer category.There are 18 contestants in each category.


14-How many stages are there in the competition?

The competition consists of 4 stages: the first stage, the second stage (quarter-finals), the third stage (semi-finals), and the final stage.


15-What kind of prizes will be given to the winners? How much arethey worth?

Financial prizes totaling SAR12 million ($3.2 million) will be offered, divided over both categories.


16-How many members of the jury are there? And what are their qualifications?

The jury consists of 13 members, all of whom are specialized in specific areas, such as the call to prayer, recitations and maqams.


17- Why does the jury contain all these members?

The number of jury members is in line with the international nature of the competition, its magnitude and its importance.


18-How many muezzins are there on the jury?

There are two muezzins: Ahmad Nahhas, the muezzin of the Grand Mosque, and Osama al-Akhdar, the muezzin of the Prophet's Mosque.


19-Do all members of the jury memorize the Holy Quran?

Yes, all members of the jury memorize the Holy Quran, and most of them are certified in several recitations and several methods.


20-How were the members of the jury selected?

They were selected based on their great experience in the field of the call to prayer, Quran recitation, the science of recitation, and the science of maqams.

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