Mustafa Ayrout writes: Pictures of candidates

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Al-Anbat - Raneem Alhalawani

Whoever walks around is watching images of winning or non-winning candidates still hanging in different places Some of them are hindering, and it's not appropriate to stay hanging , and I don't know the extent to which candidates will follow up if they write pledges to remove them after the election is over or the  satisfaction of winning candidates with to keep it hanged .
In my view, this calls for the activation of the central patronage services of Local Administration, Administrative Governors, the Integrity Authority, the anti-Corruption , the Office of Accountants and Security Agencies on municipalities in their ability to provide services fairly, regardless of the electoral vote and their ability to collect rooftop taxes. Knowledge and verification of the committees that do this and the basis for their selection, kiosks and their owners and their obtaining licenses legally and different licenses for homes or different investments.
Whether in recesses or parking, depending on the buildings, and ensure that the emblem of lack of credit is implemented and that everyone is treated equally , And make sure the fingerprint system is active  to control the permanence and the regularity of work after the fingerprint ,because The employee may become ,leave and return before the end of the job to do the fingerprint.
We hope that the  pictures  of the winning or non-winning candidates, not remain, and  may they cares about the good for their country and the orientation towards work and achievement. Anyone on charge responsible to let everyone know what has done every six months or three months? 
Citizens are intelligent enough to know about this or the winning candidate get down  and ask to remove his pictures from  everywhere . Activists, social media channels and professional media may have an objective and professional role to know what beyond the fact that images of successful or non-winning candidates are remain?
And I think every winner or non-winner candidate knows the ability of professional media and community media to detect any documented corruption or any talk without achievement and people concerns, away from the assassination of a person, and to spread false news, slander , mug, libel and a lot of unhelpful talk.
It is the duty of the official to hear any plaintiff, transporter or complainant to the other in a forthright manner without relying on the enforcers of the institutions, municipalities, institutions, universities and circles that are for all and not for specific group and  taxpayers want services. They want changes to make municipalities be growing, working for everyone, putting the right person in the right place. First of all, there are achievements and success stories we should put the light on its not only on the negativities.
May god protect  the homeland, the people, the army and the security under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II and His Highness Crown Prince Hussein.