Al-Bitar: $268 billion expected value of video game industry by 2025,Zain continues to support electronic games sector.

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Al-anbat-Rahaf Thaher 
Amman, March 19, 2022: The Executive Director of the Department of Information ,comminication, innovation and Sastain a bility Management at Zain Jordan company, Tariq AL Bitar, affirmed zain's considerable interest in supporting the gaming, esports and digital entertainment sector in the kingdom  As Zain alerted early to the importance of this promising sector since 2020, when it opened Zain Esports Counter (Zain EsportsJo)to be proactive in responding to developments in various sectors in order to meet the wishes of Jordanian Youth and correspond to their interests and in line with the accelerated technical development witnessed by the world,where Zain is keen to focus on the youth population in all its programs and initiatives as Jordanian society considered a young society,in addition to keeping pace with everything new in the world of communications, information technology and creative industries.

Al-Bitar pointed out that the aim of establishing Zain Esports center (Zain EsportsJo) is to support professionals players and enthusiasts of electronic games in the kingdom,and contributes to the development of the games and Esports sector ,in addition to raising awareness about the importance of this growing sector,which positively impact economic growth and contributes to its development,growth and expansion in the kingdom.As a leading telecommunications company in the kingdom,Zain contributes to make Jordan one of the advanced countries in this field in the region and the world ,where Zain provides an ideal infrastructure through its largest and most advanced network in the kingdom,through which it provides a stable and high-speed Internet connection that meets all the needs of players ,developers and streamers.
Al-Bitar also indicated that the electronic gaming sector constitutes today one of the fastest growing and expanding technical investments in the world.It has also become part of the global economy.‏During the past two years, under Corona virus crisis ,the lockdown that the world witnessed and shift with it for work, education and even playing , the electronic games  sector has witnessed greater demand from people and met a high prevalence, especially since electronic games are no longer a luxury or a waste of time as the prevailing idea around them,  Rather it has become an investment in itself and a source of income, whether for players, developers of electronic games, or sectors that benefit indirectly from this sector. Al-Bitar also noted that this field has become a source of income for a large percentage of e-sports players, as many of them turned to the field of broadcasting (streaming) and voice-over, in addition to its contribution to discharge energies, which considered a mental sport that develops intuition ,concentration of the player, most games teach the player, develop his abilities and help him acquire new skills.
‏Al-Bitar noted that the value of the video game industry is estimated at $178.73 billion in 2021, an increase of 14.4% over the year 2020, and recent projections estimate that the value of the video game industry will reach $268 billion by 2025,   Indicated that the gaming industry is one of the promising investment opportunities that deserves attention and support for its contribution to economic growth.
Al-Bitar drew attention to Zain’s contribution to spread awareness about the importance of this sector, as the company works through its innovation platform (ZINC) to launch training courses in the areas of developing electronic games, in addition to providing support to entrepreneurs in the fields of electronic games and everything that keeps pace with the development witnessed by the world.  He referred to the extended partnership between Zain and Maysalward Company, which specializes in developing electronic games on mobile devices.
‏Zain, through its e-sports center, has held many events and championships that have received a great response from amateurs, professionals, and the most famous streamer in the Kingdom.  The last of these championships is the (PUBGE) Championship, which was held by the Zain Electronic Sports Center (Zain ESportsJO) yesterday, Friday, via telepresence with the participation of 16 teams.  
‏Al-Bitar called on young people and all those interested in the field of games and e-sports, whether as players or developers, to develop and  increase their skills in this field, and to follow the pages of the Zain Center for Electronic Sports (Zain ESportsJO) on social media platforms to see everything new in this regard, and to take advantage of the opportunities provided by Zain through the center.
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