Minister of Water and Irrigation: An agreement with Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) to enhance the water networks of Mastaba / Jerash, with a value of USD 9.13 million

Al-Anbat -

The Minister of Water and Irrigation, Mohammed Al-Najjar, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (ROD) with the Country Director of KOICA Jordan, Mr. Seo Dong Song, to rehabilitate the water networks and improve the quality of supplied water in the Mastaba area of Jerash. The project is funded by KOICA, with a budget of USD 9.131 million. The signing ceremony was attended by Water Authority Secretary-General, Mr. Bashar Bataineh, and Secretary-General Dr. Jihad Al-Mahamid and several officials from both KOICA and the Water Authority to celebrate this project.

The minister reviewed different challenges that Jordan faces, especially the difficulties that the water sector suffers and increases of demand, especially after the Corona crisis and the Syrian refugee crisis. He emphasis that jordan is trying hard to secure water sources and reduce losses by improving water networks supply in all regions.
Eng. Al-Najjar reviewed the efforts of the water sector, despite its limitations, and the steps to be followed, and the energy and water syndrome, which is one of the most challenges facing Jordan, and the adoption of integrated programs for energy efficiency, Al-Najjar appreciate the Korean-Jordanian cooperation and the big and continuous support from the Korean side, especially in implementing projects to reduce water loses and improve supply and water monitoring SCADA systems.
The Minister of Water and Irrigation expressed the Jordanian government’s appreciation through the Ministry of Water and Irrigation / Water Authority and its gratitude for the continuous support from the Korean side to the water sector, especially this project funded by the Korean Agency to raise the efficiency of supply, that aims to build a modern water system and install modern systems (SCADA) to track and monitor the water supply remotely, and operating the water flows remotely, to reducing water losses.
Secretary General of the Water Authority, Engineer Bashar Al-Bataineh, explained that the project will start by preparing studies to improve water services in the Mastaba / Jerash area with a total value of 9.13 million dollars funded by the Korean Agency KOICA, which it being one of the areas that suffer from some deficiencies in the water supply as a result of the weak of the network and the increased demand as a result Urban expansion and hosting large numbers of refugees.
He added that the project will re-design and rehabilitating network lines and the SCADA system to increase the quantities of fresh water allocated to citizens and refugees within the government's plan to enhance the water supply.

Country Director of KOICA Jordan, Mr. Seo Dongsung, expressed Korea's appreciation for the humanitarian role of Jordan led by His Majesty the King and the Jordanian government, especially in the water sector. He stressed the continuation of cooperation between Korea and Jordan to find solutions to the current water shortage issue, not to mention other water-related challenges that Jordan is facing, such as climate change. He also added that the water sector in Jordan is a part of the assistance priorities for KOICA. 

KOICA has funded different water projects to reduce the burden of the Jordanian government and enhance the lives of residents in Jordan. During the years 2008-2011, USD 3.5 million were contributed to improving networks and supply systems in areas of the capital Amman, Salt, Zarqa, and Mafraq by establishing a TMS (Telemetering System) for monitoring water quality. In addition, the ongoing project aims at raising the efficiency of the water supply and reducing non-revenue water losses through rehabilitating the water networks in the Faqoua area of Karak Governorate. 

The new project will build and design modern networks in the Mastaba area and a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system to monitor the quality of water, supply, and demand in the Mastaba area of Jerash.
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