In cooperation with the World Water Academy and IHE Delft, Al-Balqa Applied University implemented a four-days certified training program in drinking water treatment techniques

Al-Anbat -
Al-Balqa Applied University, in partnership with the World Water Academy and IHE Delft from the Netherlands, implemented a training program in drinking water treatment techniques. Twenty-five trainees working in the drinking water treatment sector attended this training program. This training program came considering a previous meeting between University President Prof. Ahmed Fakhry Al-Ajlouni with a delegation of experts from the World Water Academy. 
This training is part of WEATRA Project activities. WATRA Project is hosted by the Deanship of Scientific Research and Innovation at Al-Balqa Applied University and funded by the Netherlands Organization for Internationalization in Education (NUFFIC) within the OKP Program. The project aims at enhancing the role of the university in serving the water sector at the national level by raising the skills and competences of engineers and technicians working in water sector.
The training program was implemented face-to-face in Jordan during the period for a period of 7-10/3/202. The training program focused on enhancing the technical knowledge and skills of the trainees and getting acquainted with modern technologies in the field of drinking water treatment. The training program also focused on the innovative aspects of treating water sources with the least amount of energy and emissions to reduce greenhouse gases and therefore climate change, which is consistent with the national policy for climate change and contribute to the Climate Change Action Plan of the International Center for Water, Environment and Energy Research of Al-Balqa Applied University. The training is concluded with a field visit to the Zara - Ma'in Treatment Plant north of the Dead Sea. The training program was delivered by professional trainers Mr. Gerard van Houwelingen and Mr. Bram Ooms from the World Water Academy, and Dr. Naser Almanaseer, senior expert in water, environment, and climate change from Al-Balqa Applied University 
WATRA Team thanks Miyahuna for their cooperation in coordinating this training program. Claudia Peters from the World Water Academy. Dr. Peter van der Steen, General Coordinator of the WATRA project. Dr. Reem Al-Khader Country Coordinator of OKP. Special thanks to The Netherlands Organization for Internationalization in Education (NUFFIC) for funding the WATRA Project.
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