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A complaint from an Egyptian expert on Chinese affairs to the US administration and the US Department of Defense "Pentagon”, for interfering with the violations of the "Israeli Mossad and the Israeli Ministry of Defense” in their confrontation, for my demand for the release of the Chinese Judaizer recruits in the Israeli Defense Forces "IDF”and the others with them, refusing the abuse of the illegal Chinese labor in the Israeli settlements, and the opening of the file of the "Judaization of the Chinese in the "Kaifeng” region”, and the role of a number of Israeli organizations in that

Complaint by:

Dr.Nadia Helmy

The Egyptian expert in Chinese Politics and Asian Affairs, an Associate Professor of Political Science at Beni Suef University

Perhaps this unusual matter will come by writing a complaint from an Egyptian academic against the Israeli intelligence service "Mossad” and the Israeli Ministry of Defense to be related to them, and submit it directly to the US administration and the administration of US President "Joe Biden”, as well as the US Department of Defense, to the US Secretary of Defense "Lloyd Austin”, because it comes to an Israeli military-defense aspect that I have purelydealt withfrom an academic standpoint, but the Israelis are bargaining with me to change my academic and research convictions in their favour, with my refusal to do so, and then their attempt to distort me after that, by launching rumors against me in my whereabouts and destroying me morally, that:

"It has become necessary for you to leave your homeland, Egypt, after everyone boycotted you in it because of us, and we will help you search and obtain the citizenship of another country”

Here, I am addressing an urgent complaint to the American administration and its institutions, the international community and all of the international human rights, academic and research institutions to defend me in the face of the pursuit of the "Israeli Mossad” in Cairo, for my destruction and bargaining for leaving my country and my life and changing my academic, research and analytical convictions in their favor regarding some issues related to the Sino-Israeli issue, as it’s my academic area of expertise, as everyone will understand.

Everyone knows the extent of my suffering today, but I stand now to complain about all these facts to everyone, and to reveal the real reason for all these harassment, which is mainly behind the Israeli intelligence agency "Mossad”, as well as the Israeli Ministry of Defense, but because no one knows the secrets of the matter, And the reasons for that strange campaign led by the Israeli Mossad against me from Egypt to boycott me for the sake of normalization, although I never spoke about this matter, as well as following and adopting (the policy of mobilization to boycott me, and then bargained by the Israeli Mossad to end the order for my boycott, provided that their demands are implemented).Therefore,I decided to raise my call to the international community in confronting them and to resolve it internationally, by raising that public complaint - perhaps the first of its kind to the US administration in Washington and its officials and the US Department of Defense "the Pentagon” - in the face of the abuses of the Israeli Mossad, and its agents at Cairo and the Israeli Ministry of Defense, because the matter is relating to them and touches them directly, as I will explain in detail.

I also call upon all European leaders and defense ministers of the world to confront the Israeli intelligence services in their confrontation with me in Cairo, and to defend me, given that the matter is (related to my own military analyses that they do not like), as you will understand, especially because my life is now threatened with my public publication of this matter, in order to mobilizing the international community and all of the international academic, research, intellectual and human rights institutions to confront the Israeli bullying practiced by Israel against me at Cairo, while sending their agents after me to threaten me and spread rumors around me, that I am a Mossad agent and a supporter of normalization and push people to boycott me, and this is a very funny and ridiculous joke that the Israeli Mossad launched behind me throughhis followers who have become known for threatening me, but the simple people, unfortunately, have believed those who spread these rumors, and no one has ever paid attention to the reality of what is happening on the ground in Egypt, and why the Israeli Mossad is launching a boycott and incitement campaign against me through its agents in Egypt, who threatened me to implement the requests of the Israeli intelligence service "Mossad”, and this issue is related to the Israeli Ministry of Defense... I will also explain publicly the details of that to the international community, and as I will complain them to the US leadership itself, the administration of US President "Joe Biden”, the US and global defense institutions, and everyone else.

- And it comes (the most important axes that the Israeli Mossad, the Israeli Ministry of Defense and their agents are chasing in Cairo now in order to violate my academic and research conscience and remove some of my academic convictions), which are about:

-First:The Egyptian researcher is an internationally known academic, as an expert on Chinese and Asian political affairs, and studies of the ruling Communist Party in China. As for the reason for my encounter with this blatant Israeli interference in my academic affairs, it is their attempt to "politicize my academic and research work and analyses on the "Chinese Kaifeng Jews, the file of Judaization and the Israeli recruitment of Chinese Judaizers in the IDF”: as their mainly demand is to change my academic and research convictions for political and intelligence purposes, and this is what I did not accept at all, and I strongly rejected it. The reason for this is due to the Egyptian researcher’s authorship and publication of an international book known to the whole world in the English language, to the extent that major American and ranked first universities in the world have placed it in their libraries for public viewing, and I learned this by writing the name of the book, and I found its huge resonance internationally andglobally, with its presence in the world's largest libraries and universities, given its new idea globally. I prepared the scientific material for my referredbook about the Jews in China and the most prominent issues on this subject, during my studies at Peking University in China. It is entitled:

"The impact of Israeli think tanks and Jewish minorities in China on Arab national security”

There are Copies of my book were placed in the major libraries of American ranked firstuniversities in the United States of America (10 American universities), and placed in their libraries for public review by American students and researchers, and published with it a(short biography of me) on the official websites of these universities, which are:

"Harvard, New York, Stanford, Ohio, Columbia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Yale, Chicago, Washington...etc”

-This can be confirmed on the official websites of the following American universities:

-There’re alsonumber of Turkish, Iranian and internationalwebsites translated and published the idea of ​​my book and covered it, and publishing a brief about me, and a presentation of the most prominent new ideas included in my previous referredbook,and this can be confirmed in the following websites:

-Second:The Israeli Mossad was provoked by the publication of my book and deliberately placing (the cover image of a special selection for my book on Chinese converted Judaism in Israeli military uniforms), which was recruited into the Israel Defense Forces: the cover image of my book is a picture of a Chinese converted Judaism youth -who was invited by the "Shavi Israeli Organization” and the other Israeli operating organizationsmainly in the "Kaifeng” region in China - to enter the Jewish religion, claiming to discover their Jewish roots from a thousand years ago, and then inviting them to Israel to complete the "Judaization process” or "Aliya” in Hebrew, meaning: "Climb to the top of a lower rank to a higher degree, which is Judaism”. Then, they are sent to the "Supreme Rabbinical Court in Jerusalem”, in order to complete the procedures of Judaization, that is, their admission to Judaism, and to give them a sealed certificate from the court stating that they have completed the"Aliyah”process of Judaization.This is something new that the Egyptian researcher studied and mentioned in my previous book. So I stayed under the eyes and control of the Israeli Mossad agents in Egypt and constantly exposed me to changing my academic, research and analytical convictions in favor of other topics that the Israeli Mossad and its agents want to pass on and make another modified or "updated” version of my previous book containing false information and analyses for Israeli intelligence reasons. You can view the cover image of my book referred book via this link and the image, as follows:

-Third: I have publicly stated my objection and astonishment to the role of the "Israeli Shavi Organization” and its permanent presence in China, specifically in the Kaifeng region, to Judaize the Chinese, especially the Chinese youth, and lure them with their Jewish roots in an attempt to prove historical roots for the Jews in China in the face of the Chinese government and its officially recognized 56 minoritiesby the Beijing government and the ruling Communist Party in China: The Egyptian researcher considered that what is happening is suspicious, given my extensive study of what is happening in the "Kaifeng region” on the ground.Then, "Michael Freund”, as head of the "Shavi Israel”organization,whose activities actually followed on the ground in China, violated the nature of the Jewish religion pure by blood, that is, through the (Jewish mother primarily and not the father). Accordingly,everything that"Michael Freund” does as head of the "Shavi Israel” organization is in violation of the nature of the Jewish religion, and the Israeli law, specifically the "Law of Return”, that is, the right of return for real Jews around the world to Israel, not fake non-Jews, as those Israeli organizations do in China and the Chinese province of"Kaifeng”.

- Through this link, we can view (photos of the Chinese youth converted by the "Shavi Israel Organization” and who were invited from "Kaifeng Province”to Judaize them in China, and then enlist in the Israel Defense Forces), despite the illegality of this internationally in accordancewith the"International Geneva Conventions”,because they are foreigner mercenaries as who are used to serve the interests of foreign armies. And that is on the official website of the "Israeli Shavi” organization and the other websites, as follows:

-Fourth:Of course, the Israeli intelligence service "Mossad” did not like my analysis, by pointing out that those Chinese are not real Jews but "Judaizers or fake”: Hence, the Israeli Mossad tries (forcibly and chasing me through its followers and agents to change all my previous writings and convictions on this subject), as I have previously indicated in all my publicly published analyses, as well as in my own book, which is easily accessible.

-Fifth:Of course, the Israeli objection to my analysis of my public demand to (expel and demobilize all Chinese Judaizers in the IDF and all foreign mercenaries), due to its impact on Arab national security and even the American itself, given the permanent American objection to the Chinese presence in vital and sensitive places in Israel, so how about the presence of Chinese Judaizers in the IDF:That is why the Egyptian researcher deliberately referred to this through the cover image of my book on (the illegality of the Israeli recruitment of Chinese Judaizers from the Kaifeng region) for violating the provisions of (Article 47 of Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions of 1977), and considering them to be Chinese conscripts mercenaries, with more than 6,000 conscripts with them in the IDF as foreign mercenaries, must be expelled from the IDF, given the most dangerous of these, which is their military exploitation at the forefront of battles and the front lines of the fighting, especially during the Israeli confrontations in the "Gaza Strip” in Palestine.

-Sixth:This point is directly based on my previous analysis, the use of Chinese converts in the Israeli Defense Forces requires an international campaign from all ministries of defense in the world, especially the US Department of Defense "Pentagon” to address its Israeli counterpart the necessity of abandoning all these foreign and Chinese mercenary recruits, for violating international human rights and legal covenants: which is why all human rights organizations and international human organizations must activate against the use of mercenaries to kill on behalf of those who pay them.With the need to point out so that everyone understands the situation accurately, that a large number of (Israeli organizations are now working in Europe and other countries of the world, in order to persuade foreign civilians to join the Israeli army and put them in the front lines in the fight against the Palestinians, especially in the Gaza Strip).

-Seventh:The most important and logical question for the Egyptian researcher remains, especially in light of the Israeli army’s perpetration of a number of military crimes, with the testimony of the international community itself against the Palestinians: and in light of the Israeli military and defense permission for these foreign mercenaries and Judaizer Chinese in the Israel Defense Forces to participate in the war against the Palestinians.The Palestinians or their support for the Israeli army in any way - as stipulated by United Nations"UN General Assembly Resolution”, No. (3103) - is in violation of the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the declaration of granting countries and peoples the right to independence, which applies to the Palestinian case, for that:

"Those countries to which those IDF mercenary recruiters belong, including China, must urgently prevent them from continuing this heinous act”

-Eighth: I would like to point out here that, according to my extensive and analytical academic study on this dangerous issue, there is a lot of information that states that there are dozens of Israeli organizations operating in Europe and the world, with the sole aim of "recruiting foreigners as mercenaries” within the Israel Defense Forces, in an explicit violation of all international covenants and laws that criminalize this matter: the Egyptian researcher, for example, found that one of these active Israeli organizations in recruiting foreign mercenaries to fight in the ranks of the Israeli army, is the "Mahal Organization”, which already has public offices abroad, and it works abroad for encouraging foreigners to join the Israeli army by organizing media and awareness campaigns for them, where thousands of volunteers from about (40 foreign countries), mostly from Europe, joined to work as mercenaries within the Israel Defense Forces.Also, one of the most prominent and well-known of those international or intercontinental Israeli organizations, which are so active abroad, in order to recruit mercenaries, is the"Sarayel Association”, which operates openly and publishesstatistics for volunteers on its website. Israeli military institution is intensively depending on the (Single Soldier Program),as it’s one of themost important programs to recruit mercenaries that Israel intensely relies on it, as it works to arm foreigners who do not have families in Israel, meaning: these foreigners are from the category of residing inside Israel alone without their families, as those are "targeted for recruitment into the Israel Defense Forces”.According to the mechanism of action the (Single Soldier Program),which the Israeli defense establishment relies on to recruit and attract those categories of residents within it, regardless of his religion, whether he is Jewish or not?

-Ninth:Because of that - that is, the recruitment of Chinese Judaizers and foreigners as mercenaries within the IDF - this is what prompted the Egyptian researcher to seriously inquiry aboutthe reasons for the silence of all countries, especially the military institutions and ministries of defenses around the world, to confront the work of foreign mercenaries and the Chinese Judaizers, as it’s is my academic focus in the Israeli army: I found that there may be duplication in international standards, and a distinction between Israel and others.For example, I found that (the international opposition that the Egyptian researcher read about to confront Turkey and President "Erdogan”, accusing him of using foreign mercenaries in the fighting, defense institutions and the Turkish army in Libya and Syria, and others, demanding their expulsion and dismissal). The same does not apply to Israel and the IDF, which is a big both research and academic question mark for me, about:

(The reasons and how to allow those Israeli organizations mainlyworking in recruiting and attracting foreigners in several countries to join the service of the Israeli army as volunteers, despite the illegality of that internationally, and even asking about the nature and reasons for the silence of the international and military community on this?)

-Tenth:Here, the US administration and the international defense ministries around the world must understand that there are indeed faint Chinese and even international fears, that (the recruitment of those young Chinese converted into Judaism in the IDF and the other foreigners was done as mercenaries, i.e. motivated by material advantages and personal temptations, through a large material compensation provided to them by Israel):which is consistent with the definition of(Article 47 of Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions in 1977), to define a person as a mercenary.

We will find here, that (the text of Article V of the International Convention against the Recruitment of Mercenaries in Geneva in 1977, prohibited states from recruiting, using, financing or training mercenaries, and obligated them to prohibit these activities), so that agreement defined a mercenary, as:"A person who has been recruited to participate in an act of violence aimed at undermining the territorial integrity of a state, or for the purpose of resisting the legitimate exercise of the inalienable right of peoples to self-determination, and is paid for material spoils”. Which is applicable to the Palestinian case.

-Eleventh:As the Egyptian researcher pointed out to the impact of the recruitment of Chinese Judaizers in the Israeli Defense Forces on US national security, and Israel’s targeting of the US military, security and defense institutions themselves: it remains for the US administration and the international and US defense ministries to understand with it, that according to what was reported by the second Hebrew Channel,on November 1, 2015, indicated that (the Israeli Intelligence Security Administration, which is part of the IDF intelligence force), had sent a call to its officers and soldiers to beware of recruitment attempts by the US Central Intelligence Agency. The Israeli military intelligence warning explicitly its soldiers to "be careful and report any unusual incidents that indicate an attempt to recruit them by the Americans to obtain Israeli military information and secrets from the United States of America”.

-Twelve: The Egyptian researcher also points out that the Israeli Mossad targeted her, as she indicated that Israel violated its official agreement with the Chinese government regarding (Chinese labor in Israel) in two matters:

A- The Israeli violations of the (employment Chinese construction workers in the Israeli settlements).

B-The Israeliviolations of attractionthe(illegal Chinese workers), who didn’t enter the Israeli landslegitimacy and its operation by the Israeli side in many inferior jobs with low salaries, and even their mistreatment by Israel

Here, Israeli statistics have been estimatedthat(Israel is in need for bringing more than 20 thousand Chinese workers annually to mainly work in the construction sector, inside Israel), in order to speed up work in the field Construction and "change prices”. In June 2015, China officially announced its (categorical rejection of the work of its nationals in Israeli settlements, especially after the Chinese authorities received reports that the Israeli authorities are exploiting cheap illegal Chinese labor, which succeeded in entering Israel by illegal methods in accordance with the law), to work in (Ramat Shlomo settlement),which isnear the town of Beit Hanina in the West Bank, which greatly provoked the Chinese authorities, and prompted them to issue this decision.

-Thirteenth: The Egyptian researcher also received a strongly worded Israeli warning, referring to Israel’s violation of itsofficial agreement with the Chinese government regarding the abuses of the Tel Aviv government against Chinese workers, especially those workers in the construction sector: We find that in April 2017, an agreement was reached between the two Chinese governments andits Israeli counterpart for (preventing the recruitment of Chinese workers to Israel to work in the construction sector in the places of Israeli settlements, due to the illegality of that internationally),and therefore Chinese workers are completely prohibited from working in the construction of Israeli settlements, according to a binding agreement between their government and Israel.

The content of this agreement between China and Israel was the agreement to recruit Chinese construction workers to Israeli in the construction sector, in exchange for preventing them from working in the construction of settlements, which is internationally prohibited. Here came the Egyptian researcher's question:

(Is the Israeli side violating its agreement with the Chinese government regarding Chinese labor issues, and their deliberately violations to do so, considering a reason for the possibility or potentiality of China suing the Israeli government, for not its commitment to the official agreement concluded between them, regarding the Israel’s abuses towards its workers, due to Israel’s non-compliance with it?)

-Fourteenth:The Egyptian researcher must also point to a well-known incident that all official authorities and my fellow foreign students in China know, which is (she was severely beaten by some Israelis and other Jews in China), and I actually indicated to this in my referredbook, mentioning this incident of beating meand kidnapped my bag from me, and warned me about "not to write about them again or deal with the affairs of Jews and Israelis in China completely”, which was rejected by the Egyptian researcher and escalated to all sides, and an official apology was already submitted to her for whathappened, and she actually published it in her book, in the place of that current crisis:The Egyptian researcher as severely assaulted by beating and detention, which led the Egyptian researcher to (submit an official complaint, demanding an official apology to her), otherwise the matter will escalate internationally. And that was during my stay in Beijing, and I was severely assaulted by them, after entering the headquarters of the Jewish Chabad House, and by virtue of being an international well-known academic for my writings on Chinese affairs, I did not deny my personality, and I took permission to enter the "Jewish Chabad Library” to follow up and learn more about the archives of Jews in China and their history. However, what happened, and what I did not expect, was the assault and kidnapping of my handbag, and the racist expressionswere directed at me, such as:

(Does the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel allow you to be in the Jewish Chabad house to study the conditions of Jews and Israelis in China)?

-Fifteenth:Therefore, after the Israeli attack on her, the Egyptian researcher was forced to (submit an official complaint in which she insisted on submitting an official apology to her, because the matter has become related to something that affects my country, more than it is a personal matter related to me, which is what happened by submitting an official written apology signed to me on those racist expressions, causing me great panic,insulting my homeland, and treating me racistly): what happened in the "Chabad Jewish House in Beijing”is a real targeting of my person, for reasons that may be known, as expected, to shut my mouth from studying many files, and publishing about them internationally, related to Israel and the file of "Judaization and recruitment of the Chinese into the Israel Defense Forces”,where, after my stay in the Chabad House in the capital, "Beijing”,there’re some Israeli Jewish extremists have deliberatelykidnapped my handbag and threw it on the ground, and practiced all forms of bullying against me by deliberate, despite showing my identity to everyone, that I am a well-known Egyptian academic, specialized in Chinese affairs and studies of the ruling Communist Party, and its most prominent challenges and policies, including the history of the Jews in China, specifically the"Kaifeng Jews”, and therefore the content of my complaint to all concerned parties was that (showing my identity and my passport was in order to allow me by entering or refusing, not to insult, beat and racist).Which was later explained, that I was (targeted by this Israeli approach), for my analyses of the policies of"Judaization in China”, as a subsequent Israeli attempt to establish "historical rights of the Chinese Kaifeng Jews”, as they are a real recognized minority in China, which I rejected and still strongly reject.

-Sixteenth:The Egyptian researcher was also publicly exposed to the same Israeli objection while presenting a research study as a scholarship at Lund University in Sweden, because of her writings and studies at the Swedish Research Center of the situation of "Chinese converted Judaism in Kaifeng province and their recruitment into the Israeli army”, and her determination to complete her studies in the "PostDoctorate Studies” on this topic:Where the Egyptian researcher applied for the announcement of the Swedish Research Center, and was selected for a grant to conduct post-doctoral research studies at the "Centre for Middle East Studies at Lund University in Sweden” in 2015, during which she worked full time for analysis and research on "Judaization files, and the Israeli recruitment of Chinese Jews into the Israeli army”.This caused another real problem and crisis for the Swedish Research Center, and the protest of some Jewish and Israeli scholars and researchers for allowing me to do and write these studies at Lund University in Sweden. This is what was addressed by the director of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University at the time, the Swedish Professor, Dr.Leif Stenberg, and he spoke firmly to me when I apologized to him for the real disturbances I had caused them with the Israelis and some of my Jewish colleagues at the university,telling me literally:

"Academic freedom is guaranteed to all researchers in the world, and every academic has the right to choose his research and academic point and delve into it as he likes, and it is our right to respect the academic, research and analytical choices of others, whatever the degree of our disagreement with them”

-Seventeenth:Despite my complete happiness as an Egyptian academic and researcher, she has become an internationally prominent and pivotal research figure in thorny and complex files internationally, which are presented for the first time globally, such as Chinese converts and their recruitment and others. The Israelis did not like it, and they began to warn me and chase me from China to Sweden until I came to Egypt: by warning me by the Israelis to stop writing about(the file of the Kaifeng Jews in China and the recruitment of Chinese converted Judaism into the IDF, and not to open the file of "the non-application of the Israeli Right of Return Law towards them”). It is the law concerned with the right of the return of all Jews in the world to Israel, and my warning against writing about the activities of Jews and Israelis in China and the other files included in my publishedanalyses in Egypt, the region and internationally, which were translated into several languages ​​internationally.

-Eighteenth:What I wanted to highlight here internationally, to those in charge of the matter in the American administration and its military and defense institutions, and to all academic colleagues around the world, and what I ask of (an international academic and human rights organisations and from all political science associations and international research and academic institutions, including the Western and American, and even Chinese and Arabic), is constantly endangering my life by the "Israeli Mossad”:Although I actually stopped about two years ago, after publishing my international book on writing about Kaifeng Jews, and the ways and stages of their Judaization by Israeli and Zionist organizations that are actually working inChina, to attract mainly educated and university-educated Chinese youth, in order to Judaize them and recruit them into the Israeli army, and then try to play with them in the future in the face of the Chinese government, the Arab and American regimes themselves,whereas the worldhas recognized all of my analyses more clearly on the issues and topics that have not been discussed academically before, and they are opened through my studies and analyses for the first time internationally.This prompted the largestranked first American universitiesin the world, to search for my book that I published, and to buy copies of it, especially "Harvard University”, that is ranked first in the United States and globally, as I aforementioned indicated.

-Nineteenth:However, what happened after that, is my severe targeting by the Israeli intelligence in Cairo and my continuous follow-up, despite being an academic, an analyst, and a researcher, and their explicit request to change my research and academic conscience, undo and change my previous writings and giving a criticism of the files of Judaization, by making and issuing "another new modified version of my book”, deleting all of those raised issues in my published book: It comes on top of those files that were objected to, are:

(I opened the files of allowing Chinese Judaizers recruitment to join the IDF, and then my analysis of the illegality of that with the "Law of the Right of Return to Israel”, because they are simply not real Jews, in order to meet those conditions for the right of return).

-Twentieth:However, my refusal to implement those Israeli demands, to modify my academic and intellectual convictions in return for receiving thousands of dollars and other international opportunities and positions that were presented to me in violation of my scientific conscience, coinciding with the continuousIsraeli insistence on accepting a number of personal and international benefits and temptations, and with my refusal, I have found that my life and reputation are being in severe danger in Cairo now amid the intrusion of real agents of the Israeli Mossad to mobilize against me that I am an agent of theMossad and a supporter of normalization Israel: And, that’s why, I am suffering from the continuous Israeli Mossad intelligence and its constantlypressures. So, I have decided to clarify my current situation and that they’ve turned the matter from a clear international academic and analytical work, to "a real Israeli intelligence targeting of my life by spreadingthe rumours of my traitorous and normalization with Israel”, as a serious pressures to change, modify,amending and nullifying all the ideas of myreferred international book, my analyses and recommendations, by:

(The Israeli directedrequest to me is that pointing out "the existence of forged documents”I found, these documentsindicate the existence of real Jewish minorities in China, and even declare my support for them in their demands related to "proving the entitlement of the real historical Jewish minority in China and not the fake other Judaizers Jews that I have written about them in my published book”, according to my real academic and analytical research point of view, which is the matter that I have strongly rejected, because I will not violate my academic and research conscience for political or intelligence purposes, whatever pressures are being exerted against me)

-Twenty-first: However, my strong refusal to implement the demands of the Israeli side, to change my research and academic conscience, I paid for it later in Cairo, because the matter was related to sending agents and mediators to me to bargain with me over my violation of my research and academic conscience and my assertion of the right of the "Kaifeng Jews” to be recognized as a real Jewish minority in China in the face of the Chinese authorities, warning me firmly, or else my reputation will be tarnishedforever in Egypt, and then the Mossad intelligence will be rid of and retaliatedagainst me: which I strongly opposed and countered.Then it became very dangerous threaten against me by the Israeli Mossad to escalate the matter in its confrontation with me in Egypt, and "I’m being alone in front of the Israeli mobilization policy in my confrontation”,through:

(The Israeli challenge and provocation to me, as an academic, that I am with the policy of normalization, spreading rumorsaround me by its agents, and demanding publicly to boycott me academically and in the media), with continuing of the Israeli side to its "provocative policy around me”, that it will cause me to be banned from the media from Cairo, and end my life, all because (I refused to violate my academic conscience, undo and modernize myresearch and academic work for provingthat there are real Jewish origins that I met in China), during my study of the part related to Judaism policy and Jewish minorities in China.Hence, the Israeli bargaining with me extended that I had become distorted after (escalating of the Israeli policy of confusingmyacademic analyses, as a scholar and analyst in the Chinese-Israeli file with accusing me by the Mossad intelligence agents at Cairo of normalization with Israel).

-Twenty-Second: Based on my detonation of that important and urgent complaint, and the difficult crisis that I am experiencing now in Cairo, which is affecting my whole life, my reputation and my academic convictions, as well as my confrontation alone with the bullying of the Israeli intelligence service "Mossad”, I submit an urgent complaint to all academic institutions and internationalresearch centres, through all my fellow academics and researchers around the world, and even my submission of an urgent and urgent complaint to the US administration itself: I present it to the administration of Democratic President "Joe Biden” and to the USDepartment of Defense and the Secretary General responsible"Lloyd Austin”, and I confirm in my complaint to those in charge of the matter to all of the American and international institutions concerned with the matter, to assure you and everyone:

"What Israel is doing with me through its intelligence apparatus and traitors in Egypt, and sending the spies of the Mossad behind me and its recruitment of agents in confrontingme as a well-known Egyptian academic in Chinese Politics, is a"real distortion of the American peace efforts in the region, which are done primarily for the benefit of the Israeli side, and the interests of the peoples in our region, because Israel and its intelligence service didn’t take into account the interests of good neighborliness with Egypt and the other Arab states”

-Twenty-Third:Accordingly,I make a special appeal and request, which I address to Washington, and all those in charge of the current US administration, to Democratic President "Joe Biden”, and I have faith now that the whole world will heed my complaint to stop the hand and brutality of the Israeli Mossad on me: Despite my political differences with the approach of your administration,Mr.President "Joe Biden”, and despite your astonishment and the surprise of the world of my recent complaint in the face of the head the Israeli Mossad apparatus himself, for what I am doing now by submitting an international public complaint against the Israeli Mossad intelligence service, in a strange precedent for the international and American community.However,as an Egyptian academic and a professor of political science at the Egyptian University of Beni Suef, I present the following to the currentUS administration of President"Joe Biden” and his institutions concerned with the matter and US political decision-making in the Middle East, I tell you all:

"You have made peace attempts between Israel and the Arab and Gulf countries, and some believed you that you really want peace, so that Israel could live in peace in its regional area and among its neighbors in the region. But "Israel did not observe the right of neighborhood with its neighbors in the region, and with a big country like "Egypt”and President El-Sisi”. Those who are keen on peace and good neighborliness, just as Israel did not observe the conditions of peace with us”. The proof of this is what I was exposed to from the Israeli side politically and intelligence, and even more dangerously, is "My bargaining for leaving my homeland and obtaining the citizenship of another country, after I was defamed in Cairo that I was an agent of Israel through tthe Israeli Mossad intelligence real agents”, and who tried to negotiate with me and bargained with me to violate my research, academic and analytical conscience by claiming falsely that"there are real Jewish minorities in China, through the path of blood policy on the mother’s side, as it is known in Judaism, butthat’s not true as I have academically and analytically concluded”.

-Twenty-Fourth: Accordingly, I call upon the American administration itself and allArab regimes, to intervene and protect me from Israeli bullying, and to protect me from the Israeli Mossad and to prevent it from sending its agents behind me to threaten and monitorme and infiltrate gathering places to spread rumors against me that I am a Mossad agant or supporter of the policy of normalization: because what the Israeli Mossad and its agents are doing with me (it disrupts my academic and research career, and even destroys my whole life, because of my rejection of the bargaining policy that the Israelis follow with me), in order to change my academic convictions and my writings about them, regarding the Sino-Israeli issue, which is my exact academic field of specialization. Therefore, Ideclare (my desire for the American administration to interfere in confronting the Israelis and targeting me), as a well-known Egyptian academic in Chinese and Asian political affairs, Sino-Israeli relations, and the history of Jews in China.

-Twenty-Fifth: The most important thing for me also remains, is that I seize this opportunity to announce my position on (the policy of normalization with Israel), which is: I reject the policy of normalization and collective Arab peace with the Israeli side without reaching a (real, agreed and collective political settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict): I here make a legitimate call to the American leadership of President "Joe Biden” and to the American administration itself, and all the American think tanks related to the American administration, to cooperate together to set up a "fair and balanced conditions that achieve the interests of all parties in the region, away from any political targeting processor the Israeli intelligence for myself, as I am exposed to in Cairo now by the Mossad intelligence). I affirm my desire to"reach a real peace and a just settlement of the Palestinian issue”.We lay down its conditions, conception and proposals as well-known academics in our Arab region to all the regional countriesand the international parties, because(real peace requires a different thought, an academic and popular thought that has a conception of peace that differs entirely from politicians and their calculations in our Arab region).I, as a well-known Egyptian academic and an international analyst, independent in thought and research, because I have personally and practically experienced the meaning of (boycotting the masses and public opinion of you, just for being targeted by launching rumors about my relationship with the Israelis, despite the lack of understanding and awareness by everyone of that severe suffering in my life, which I list publicly today, in front of everyone), because of the Israeli Mossad’s targeting of my research and academic work for intelligence purposes, which I refused and strongly rejected, and I’m expressly confirming that:

"One of the reasons for my academic excellence and my innovative analysesinternationally in the Chinese issue in particular, and the keenness of many around the world to follow my continuous writings and analyses on China's policies, as an accurate academic and research specialization, as it’s known to all, is my"intellectual, personal, academic, analytical and research independence, and not allowing anyone to direct me towards his choices or his purposes, whatever the temptations may be and no matter how high their price, as long as they do not agree with my academic, intellectual and personal convictions”

-Twenty-Sixth:It remains to confirm my desire for a more (accurate peace, a real political settlement between Israel, Arabs and the Palestinians, according to fair conditions that satisfy all its parties), with the obligation of Israel to respect its neighbors, the well-known academics of its neighbors, and its relations with all politely, as long as it is willing to continue building bridges of peace with us, not behave in the same way with others like what happened to me personally by targeting me by their intelligence:in order to tempt me with personal advantages to change my previous writings in line with their interests and serve them in the first place, at the expense of my research conscience and my academic results that I reached, regarding the file of the Judaization of the Chinese, and so on. At the same time, this coincided with an Israeli intelligence confrontation with me alone in Cairo in the face of me by their real traitors and agents, through:

"Increasing and doubling the intensity of the Israeli pressures against me to enforce me to leave my homeland "Egypt”, after the battle of defamation and abuse of me by the "Israeli Mossad and its agents”, and their call to give me another nationality after the Israeli intelligence launched a real war of targeting against me in Cairo, and misbehaved with me, monitored me, tracked my news and destroyed me, adopting a clear and violent policy of revenge against me, and this is not acceptable to the international academic mind, nor to all sane, peace-loving and desiring people in the entire world”

-Twenty-Seventh: I am a well aware that what I am doing today in filing an international public complaint against the Israelis and their Mossad intelligence apparatus, will surely cause a great international uproar around me, but (I have a strong personality that does not succumb to pressures or compromises), in addition to that - which is the most important as you understand - I became alone in confronting them: Hence, I think that (I have no choice now, but to follow their same mechanisms and tools, I mean the Israelis Mossad intelligence,by resorting to the American administration, which has a strong influence on the Israeli side, and then transferring my battle internationally,to obtain a (severeinternational academic, political, diplomatic, and international mobilization, and from all concerned parties globally, with the aim of putting pressures on Israel to stop their pursuit of me in Cairo, and to stop this absurdity and that ridicule they’re causing around me by rumoring that I am their agent, contrary to the truth, to create a state of fear and division around me), and to put pressures onthe Mossad intelligence service to the fullest extent possible, as they have violated my academic and research career by attempting to enforce me to change my academic conscience and succumbed to Israeli demands, which no one noticed or understood the secret matter behind the real reasons for pursuing me by the Mossad intelligence agents at Cairo.

-Twenty-Eighth:Therefore, it is my duty now to declare all these facts to the American administration as a closely related ally of the Israeli side, as a guardian of peace, and as a proponent of democracy and respect for opinion and expression, considering that Israel is the most democratic party in the region after calling them for the conference of democracies on December 2021, but their actions - I mean the Israelis - have been translated and converted on the contrary, as their intelligence behaves with me in a (non-democratic, politicized, and tried to defame and destroy me continuously, without stopping): and from here, I hope that the American administration,all concerned parties and the international academiccommunity listen to my complaint, as I explained to everyone in the face of the Israeli Mossad intelligence, and intervene to put pressurr on its acts to stop the Mossad intelligence agents, who are constantly chasing and bargaining with me to modify my writings to fit the line of the Israeli Mossad intelligence, the continuous adopted policy of the Israeli Mossad to send its agents to confront me and spread rumors around me.

I am certain today, that I will find an international response to my public complaint to the American administration and to everyone, despite it being a unique and exceptional case, but it has become what hurts me the most today, and I am so confident that the whole world (will carefully read my message and my complaint and even my appeal to our free world and will rise to it, hopefully, everyone could intervene to prevent the Israelis from trying to follow me, targeting and destroying me and spreading chaos and rumors around me, as if it were a "guerrilla war” against me led by Israeli Mossad intelligence, in the face of a well-known Egyptian academic and analyst for violating her academic conscience, which not everyone accepts.

My hope is great today, to live quietly in my beloved homeland of "Egypt”, which (the Israeli Mossad intelligence and its agents are bargaining with me to leave my homeland of Egypt forever, because there is no place for me in it after sending their agents to defame and spread rumors against me,exposing to give me the citizenship of another country through them), especially after I was distorted by the Mossad intelligence service through its agents at Cairo by spreading, broadcasting and publishing rumors around me, and misbehaving with me in Cairo, as mentioned.

My sincere thanks and respect to all

Nadia Helmy