Who Pays for the Chaos Created by Jordanian MP’s

Alanbatnews -
Al-anbat Hussein Al-Gaghbir 

Translated by Ahmed Afaneh     

Jordanian parliament has proved, after the behavior of some MP’s yesterday, that it didn’t live up to its judicial and supervisory responsibilities. Also. it is not qualified to discuss what was supposed to be discussed in a session designated for constitutional amendments. These amendments are part of constitutional developments that Jordanians are waiting for years. It was believed that these amendments would create a major transformation as the time approaches towards discussing an election law for parties.     

A conflict in the parliament between people who were democratically elected to represent Jordanian people and defend their rights by acting their supervising duties over the government. Thus, they can achieve the noble aims of developing the country and elevating the status of its people. The "civilized exchange” of punches and insults under the dome of parliament today, leads to the fact of how we have become really aware of what is going on on  the Jordanian street. People have realized that every official is a mere liability in the position he or she holds. They have believed that no progress    whatsoever will be made in terms of the work of the government institution system in a country with many problems, especially the hard economic situation.      

 Today some MP’s proved that they are not worthy of existing under dome of parliament. They don’t deserve to be members of parliament since they exhibited such shameful behavior that even children won’t do.They displayed a negative image, but they haven’t realized the price that will be paid by the country because of their irresponsible behavior, that is not appropriate for people’s representatives.   

How can we say to Jordanians that these people, who are supposed to be the outcome of a democratic process, will be relied upon in discussing important laws and issues like constitutional amendments and political reform laws. These new upcoming changes are ahead of a democratic transformation with a more modernized political system in party life. Thus, this leads the way for a parliamentary government that reflects a real sense of democracy and a civilized Jordanian society at an elevated level in different areas.     

Today Jordanian felt disappointment by the MP’s who haven’t been able to conduct a full session. These MP’s boosted the sense of despair of Jordanians as result of the great loss of the government budget that went away in salaries and allowances for their judicial and supervisory services, which they are supposed to conduct. 

Jordanians feel the future is worse than the past and the present if these MP’s still exist under the dome of parliament. Similarly, other different institutions are no different, that   leaves a negative impact because of their unsatisfactory acts and lack of accomplishments. Unfortunately, the state now doesn’t have one problem only but rather a complete set of problems in different and various aspects. It oscillates between the desire to achieve on the one hand and ability to act on the other. Actually, the gap between the two is getting bigger with no positive signs of a more prosperous future.        

This is our country in which we are accustomed that he who does wrong won’t be held accountable for his deeds. This means he will go on with his irresponsible behavior that is not appropriate in front of his constituents. Therefore, the disciplinary internal parliamentary law must be implemented with all participants of this satire, which we witnessed some of its details today.