Hussein Al-Jaghbeir writes : Will the president forgive?

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Alanbat -- Hussein Al-Jaghbeir 
Transelated by -- Mohammad Alzubaidi 
Two sane agree that some of the downsides of social media are bullying, personality assassination and the recklessness of breaking the privacy of individuals unfortunately, And these downsides  we've created with no room to think .

Rejection of such behavior involves everyone, whether the target is a private citizen or a responsible citizen. Human morality, humanity, religion and the law reject it because of the negative impact on the individual and society. 

In this respect , the abuse by a Jordanian citizen of the person of Prime Minister Dr. Bashir Al-Khasawneh and the reference to his wife are in no way permissible. It is behavior that we do not justify or accept for ourselves and others.

In this logic, what a Jordanian citizen has done to offend to the Prime Minister Dr. Bishr Al Khasawneh and the  reference to his wife is not permissible in any way.
It is behavior that we do not justify or accept for ourselves and others. 

In the same vein , the Prime Minister recourse to the Attorney-General to file a complaint against Jordanian citizen,it is a right guaranteed to him by the Jordanian constitution and the law as well, records that the Prime Minister who had to disregard such samples of human beings , That some are exploiting by promoting their financial condition and their poverty, I am not  sympathetic to this citizen from this aspect, as he is supposed to be more careful. 
If I were the prime minister, I would not have thought for a moment to record this citizen’s research  because of two considerations First , Al-Khasawneh is a public figure, who is always subject to criticism and slander from irresponsible groups, If he wants everyone to be prosecuted, then our courts will be filled to the grounds with them. 

Secondly, His Majesty had directed the Al Khasawneh government regarding issues of tongue lengthening and in which a message to all wrong and wrong against them, Before a slave rushes to court, he should imitate the conduct of a majesty's. 

We have been saying that social networking sites have become an insecure haven and an opportunity for people to criticize and reject others and assassinate their personalities without hesitation in the simplest and easiest way, And here, it's hard to bet on people's awareness that they're the very pioneers of these sites, and they're used to everything, starting with the transmission of information without investigating or checking and ending with the targeting of people and their personal lives. 

The situation of the people will not be straightened by the Prime Minister's complaint ,We have seen the extent of sympathy for the Jordanian citizen on social media despite the fact that he made a big mistake. This sympathy is due to the failure to recognize Al Khasawneh right to preserve and protect his home. 

The chaos of social media must stop and the state must find something to control the state of chaos it is experiencing and disturb our social security, It went too far and became unbearable. 

People must stop expressing their indignation by using their own methods which they do not accept , and  Al Khasawneh has to revisit the complaint to the court It's like a container that embraces everyone.