Mohammad Obaidat writes: Kafarsom .. Pomegranate

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Alanbat -- Dana al Shwikani

Her Majesty the Queen flirted on Twitter at Rumman Kefersum - my birthplace proudly - by saying, "Kefersum is indeed with appetites"; Her Majesty visited Kafarsum last year and toured the pomegranate and olive vineyards; This is an indication that we need to focus on agricultural production lines in order to maximize agricultural productivity; As we live in this pomegranate season of days, we most need to take the lessons and the benefits of that. Where the pleasures, the diversity, the dietary, which is an economic tree for some and is a source of income for half a million trees:

1.     Pomegranate, whether love, juice or molasses, whether the fruit, the peels or the pulp, with its sweet, sour and all its use and its season of beauty and pleasure.

2.  The best and sweetest pomegranates in my country, Jordan, is in my country of Kafrsoum, and around it, AL Kaffarat, the Bani Kanana, Jedita, Wadi al-Rayyan and Wadi Shu'ayb, and others.

3. The general benefits of pomegranate, according to scientific studies, include: detoxification, increased metabolism, weight loss, cancer protection and antioxidants.

 4.  However, the benefits of pomegranate for the elderly include: preventing clots, heart disease, prostate, and osteoporosis, strengthening memory, protecting against Alzheimer's disease, lowering cholesterol, fighting arthritis and pain, reducing stomach ulcer pain, and benefiting diabetics.

5.  Benefits to young people include: removing acne, fighting wrinkles, reducing tooth proliferation, lowering cholesterol, antioxidants, and aging.

6.  Pomegranates are filled with vitamins and minerals that help the heart and arteries and maintain blood pressure.

7.  There is a need to multiply the pomegranate tree, improve its varieties and preserve it, encourage its farmers and create appropriate markets to support them economically.

 Frankly: Pomegranate in season and out of season is good taste, how not when it included the trees of paradise, and it looks beautiful like pearls, and everyone wants and loves it, but we seek to improve its quality, support its farmers, market its plants and encourage everyone to eat it for its many benefits.

 Morning of the Pomegranate Kafarsom.