Hussien Al-Jaghbeir writes … A new failure to gain the world

Alanbatnews -

Translated By — Alia Saqri

There is an increase in numbers of people who attending the Expo in the United Arab Emirates, from both inside and outside the country, to visit the  exhibitions of the countries participating in this world event, that being held for the first time in Arab country. The fraternal country is making a great achievement for itself and the region by hosting an exhibition at this high level.


We do not want to be like the United Arab Emirates, we know Jordan cannot be overloaded. We are a country that is still struggling economically and faces crises and challenges ,But what we want and fear for, and make sure to see it at the summits, is the Jordanian presence in all Arab and international aspects ,the political, economic, cultural, artistic and even sporting levels.


In 2015, Jordan's participation was poor, which was supposed to have a strong presence by showing what we have achieved, what we have and what we plan for, We came out badly, in a way that is not reflecting the real ability of the Kingdom, and everyone bet that Expo 2021 in the United Arab Emirates would see a different shift in Jordan's pavilion, the pavilion that does not cost the Country, which it is being a donation.


We have not seen real interaction with the Jordanian pavilion at the exhibition, Compared to the other pavilions, its situation has not reflected the size, ambition and hopes of this country. It was as if those responsible had visited the Emirates for hiking and recreation, or at the very least to say that we are here as a country, as a name and flag, but as an accomplished country, it was at worst condition.


 The Jordanian official might not understand, or did not want to understand the importance of this exhibition at the global level, or to be realistic that the country's officials have not given what it deserves and qualified to make its pavilion a beacon that added to the beacons of countries whose children have done so much for them.

The Government must admit that it has failed miserably as its predecessor to be in this international forum, where it has neither prepared nor taken seriously as a secondary and worthless event, the government could not look at it from a practical point of view.


The Government must tell the Jordanians what was the situation of the Jordan pavilion there, and what our public and private institutions have been involved in, how many visitors to the pavilion, what was their impressions and to what extent our participation will reflect positively on the country, we do not want to hear inaccurate information, we need facts so that we can see how much effort has been made to establish Jordan as an important country in the midst of the competition between the countries gathered in Dubai.

It is not a secret that the impression of Jordanian participation in Expo over the past years is a shy participation that is never acceptable.