Hussein Al-Jaghbeir writes: Has the theory of compatibility between the health and economic files fallen out.

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Al-Anbat – Sabaa Alraggad

Logic says that the country needs more openness today, after more than a year of harmonizing the health and economic files as a result of the Corona pandemic, as all sectors were negatively affected by the partial and total closures that the Kingdom witnessed.

Perhaps the most and most beneficial is the tourism openness by trying to attract groups from abroad to spend time in Jordan and visit tourist places, or even encourage domestic tourism. To achieve this , it is necessary to provide qualitative activities that people want , integrate with and apply for.

 Amr Diab, who revived large sectors in the Aqaba Governorate, which was suffering greatly due to weak tourism and low numbers of visitors.

Many people criticized the government’s inconsistency in dealing with this, from two sides, the first is that it did not observe the protocol procedures for public safety on these occasions, as the squares were crowded with attendees who did not commit to wearing the muzzle, while this was in front of the government watching and hearing it. On the other hand, there is a contradiction in dealing with the issue of public safety, as people are exposed to financial violations in the event of not adhering to public safety procedures, as they see with their own eyes the amount of unplanned mixing witnessed, for example, by the Jerash Festival and Amr Diab's concert.  Citizens reject this contradiction in dealing with this matter.

However, there are those who see the necessity of such artistic and cultural activities because of their financial returns that help the government on the one hand, and citizens on the other hand, not to mention the operation of sectors that have been severely affected, and unprecedented.

No one is against openness, and everyone is calling for it, and we have seen countries that recently announced the end of all forms of restrictions that were imposed, which means that the economy and its recovery is at the fore, and this is what the government takes into account because it believes that continuing restrictions and closures have become a danger to the economy, and burdensome  Jordanians .

 But this does not mean that we lose sight of the health aspect, as inaction in this matter may bring us back to the starting point, as the high indicator or percentage of positive infections pushes the government to decisions that it does not want to take.  So who is responsible for ensuring that this stage is not reached?.

Inevitably, there is a shared responsibility, as the government should not be lenient in following public safety measures everywhere, specifically on such occasions, because failure to achieve this will lead to a general rejection of the muzzle and sterilization of hands, which will lead us to an epidemic situation with ominous consequences.

 On the other hand, people should also realize that their participation in such events and in these numbers does not exempt them from concern for their safety and the safety of attendance, and realizing that the state is looking for financial income today to help it in economic growth and speed up the recovery process, as citizens should not be an obstacle in the face of that.

We are all with holding such parties, we support them and hope that their numbers will increase significantly, but we are also all against what is happening with it, as it is not difficult to ensure the implementation of public safety measures in them, and this constitutes an incentive for the citizen to abide by the fact that then he will have the conviction that there is no contradiction in the  government policy in this regard, and the theory of "Hamad inherits, and Hamad does not inherit" falls before them.

 The Corona virus has not disappeared, it is spread in all governorates, and there are no indications that we will recover from this epidemic, so the responsibility is still shared and falls on everyone, and the matter does not require much effort to ensure harmonization between the economic and health sides.  All that is required is for each party to do its part in this matter.