​Hussein AlJaghbeer writes aboutthe assassination ofthe Ministry of Education for tawjihi students.

Al-Anbat -

​ Maybe for the first while you will think this is anexaggerated question. How can The Ministry of Education assassinate tawjihi students when it continues to make dozens of statements that it cares about its students and ensure their benefits!

​ Yes! It is an assassination in its exact meaning, the assassination of their effort throughout an entire academic year, the assassination of their dream tojoin universities and the assassination of the knowledge that The Ministry of Education failed to grant them through online lessons in the entire academic year. Where the poor educational service that was provided for them through your educational platform while sitting at home away from their schools and their teachers who did not communicate or answer their questions. Tawjihi students did not acquire the necessary skills to deal with their exams, they did not hold a pen or a paper for an entire year and they did not prepare for an exam which determines their future and destiny.

​ The Ministry of Education demolished the fortresses of these students through examinations, most of which exceeded their level of study. What benefits is this for? What is the Ministry of Education talking about, who are you laughing at?

​The Exams, especially Chemistry, the first paper in Arabic specialtyand English to some extent, it was an accuratetests, impossible to resolve. It was described by the teachers as the most difficult exams for many years and when the ministry went out to the media, it invoked weak reasons that were weaker and thinner than a spider’s web. They said that the question were from the book and they took into considerations all the levels of the students.

It’s not a logical reason that the Ministry of Education pretend that the questions are from the book. That is not the main case that we are looking for. We could give the students unresolvable questions, it is not a condition to judge the questions and their difficulty unless they are from outside the book. As for the fact that it measures all levels, this is according to the international standards, which is through a certain percentage of questions that do not reach in any way the percentage of the ministry's tests.

One of the education officials said that the ministry succeeded in restoring the prestige of the steering examination, which is the one that comes at the expense of the students in this way, and the abhorrence of the prestige is the one that imposes an imposition and is not convincing or logical. It was for the ministry to take responsibility for its failure to teach remotely before it punishes students in this way.

Even the Minister of Education said that the education committees will study the observations of all the students mentioned therein, who guarantees this, and who guarantees that the ministry, which evading its responsibility, recognizes that it will be fair to the students after it has ordered them to take the exams of the authority God has given to them, and with the testimony of teachers who have long experience.

Today, the Ministry of Education has been forced to pay no attention to more than 200,000 students who submit to this examination, but in fact it has contributed to a whole, frustrated and destroyed generation, and it has no confidence that it will be half after many dreams have been lost by officials who do not understand the scale and the magnitude of their calamity.

If I were the minister of education, I would not have donated to be part of this great ruin, but hundreds of thousands of students, who fought alone this year after leaving their ministry and schools alone in the sea where the waves flock.It is a disadvantage that I do not provide the rights that a student needs and therefore I punish him in this way until I say, "the prestige of Tawjihi has been restored!!”

AlAnbat-ZeinaAlDaboubi& Natalie Sahawneh

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