Messages from Chinese President (Xi Jinping) to Egypt and the world in the (post- Covid-19) world: Towards the formation of two systems (global governance and global government) and (a new international civil order) led by China

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New analytical view of the Egyptian researcher on the occasion of the 64th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Egypt and Beijing

Messages from Chinese President (Xi Jinping) to Egypt and the world in the (post- Covid-19) world: Towards the formation of two systems (global governance and global government) and (a new international civil order) led by China

Analysis By: Dr.Nadia Helmy

Associate Professor of Political Science, Faculty of Politics and Economics / Beni Suef University- Egypt. An Expert in Chinese Politics- Visiting Senior Researcher at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES)/ Lund University, Sweden- Director of the South and East Asia Studies Unit

Perhaps the May 30th anniversary of the establishment of relations between "Egypt and China"came to increase the emphasis on the role of China in serving urgent humanitarian issues in Egypt and the world, especially with the dimension of the "Covid-19" era. This was parallel to what we have witnessed in recent years from the extent of the transformation in all the institutions of the Egyptian state, civil society, as well as press and media institutions, with an increasing interest in relations with China, which is considering one of the most important countries in the world with which Egypt has strategic partnership relations.

We have noticed and affirmed that the solidarity between Egypt and China has greatly increased during the period of the Corona epidemic, which resulted in the solidarity of Egypt and the President (El-Sisi) with China by sending an aid shipment estimated at ten tons of medical equipment and supplies, and then China has sent 3 shipments to the Egyptian side as medical aid in 3 stages, And the results of the founding of the (Egyptian-Chinese muzzles "Medical Masks" factory) with a joint experience between the two sides which is located in Egypt, during the month of March 2020, which daily produces at a rate of 5 lines more than half a million of muzzles, with the current research and study to increase the number of lines to cover Egypt and the region. This was confirmed by the Chinese ambassador in Cairo (Liao Liqiang) from his country's steadfast support to the Egyptian combat and fighting the new epidemic of Corona "Covid-19" with practical measures that fully reflect the depth of friendship between the two countries.

As a sign and evidence of the depth of love between Egypt and China, the "Chinese Cultural Center” and its active Chinese Director, Dr.Sakhr (his Arabic name) and his Chinese name "Shi Yu Wen” in Cairo has recently launched a new song, entitled:"Hand in Hand”, which is established to include the stages of the beginning of Egypt’s relations And China over the past 64 years until now.

The solidarity between Egypt and China, especially after the crisis (Covid-19), confirms that the two countries feel a shared responsibility to face the challenges that threaten humanity, and they have a similar future perspective for the fate of the world. These factors give the two friendly countries ample opportunities and great prospects for enhancing and expanding cooperation between them, in order to push forward the establishment of a human society that will prevail (A common destiny of humanity), which is always emphasized by Chinese President "Xi Jinping".

As a professor of political science, I possess an academic experience in (analyzing the content of political speeches of both the Presidents "El-Sisi" and "Xi Jinping"). This has enabled me, during my previously published researches, to analyze (the similarities between the speeches of the Egyptian and Chinese presidents), and the extent of their agreement, especially with the President "El-Sisi" welcoming the vision of his Chinese counterpart in creating a new pattern of international relations, aimed at building a common destiny for humanity that will benefit all Egypt and all countries and peoples of the world, including the countries and peoples of the Middle East. This is almost the most important axis of President "El-Sisi’s speeches" away from the conflict and upholding the principle of cooperation between all, which proves that they have a similar future perspective for the fate of the world.

Perhaps my choice for this Introductory entry came to write about the contemporary foundations of the relations of Egypt and China after (Covid-19), because I am sure that all writings will reaffirm the dates of relations between Egypt and China, but I chose to start with (the future), with my talk - perhaps different - from the president's speeches The Chinese "Xi Jinping" in building (Chinese global governance) in which Egypt plays an imperative role due to its location and the depth of its relations with China on the one hand, in addition to Egypt hosting the activities of the "Governance and Egypt Vision 2030" forum, under joint Egyptian-Chinese sponsorship, and considered by Chinese experts in At that time it was the establishment of the joint "China-Egypt Governance Forum", in cooperation with the "Egyptian Cabinet" during the visit of Chinese Foreign Minister "Wang Yi"to Cairo in January 2020, on the other hand, President Xi's talk of (China's leadership) from In order to "develop the world's civilizations", perhaps this is not without the "suggestion" of an Egyptian-Chinese "joint responsibility", as they are the two oldest civilizations in history. In order to gain a deeper understanding and analysis of the idea, the Egyptian researcher has set points (brief and focused), so that everyone can read between the following lines.

§ First: Generalizing the form of "Chinese governance” to the world in order to form a pattern of "global governance” managed by China according to the Chinese President Xi Jinping’s vision

When talking about the form of "global governance” claimed by China, and the associated interconnectedness and interdependence of the world's institutions and organs to form what is known as "global governance”, and Chinese President "Xi Jinping’s declaration" of China's responsibility to explicitly "develop and diversify the world's civilizations” As a new proposition by President "Xi", he reiterated it during the nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China in October 2017, as the beginning of a critical and critical stage for the comprehensive construction of the foundations of the society of good governance and governance in China in accordance with the principles of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

The Egyptian researcher here will focus on the most important achievements of China to the world in the "Chinese governance" system, and the possibility of generalizing it to Egypt and the world post (Covid-19) era, according to the following foundations and bases:

1)The Chinese governance system and good governance are based on the characteristics of "socialism with Chinese characteristics", affirming the goals of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government in the future, raising the ability of the Communist Party of China to manage the state, and exercising power equally and legally, while sticking to unified planning to meet the needs of the people Chinese to a better life and even help the world.


2)The Chinese leadership recently linked "good governance" with "preserving environmental integrity", improving the ecological and environmental system, promoting a peaceful and independent foreign policy, and supporting "building a common bond of destiny for humanity".


3)China and the Communist Party of China leaders, through adopting good governance and governance to the international community, provided experiences on combating the new Corona virus, by speeding up the Party Central Committee of a leadership team to counter the spread of the virus. As the Secretary-General of the (Communist Party of China "CPC") Central Committee, Chinese President (Xi Jinping) himself took the direction of fighting the new Corona virus himself, which contributed to building an integrated system of virus prevention and control, focusing on "Wuhan", the source of the epidemic, and other places in Hubei, comprehensive and multi-level virus control under the leadership of the Communist Party central and local governments, take vigorous measures to advance the virus prevention and control work in a scientific, orderly and accurate manner, and fight the new Corona virus with the participation of all Chinese.


4)We find that China's experience is inspiring to humanity, especially if we know that the Chinese government is currently working on developing the industrial Internet platform around the world, especially for the belt and road countries, in addition to updating new model areas to implement the "Made in China 2025" strategy.


5)We should not forget China’s announcement of the "Healthy Belt Initiative, the new digital transformation especially in the post-Corona world” to serve the world, and emphasizes the importance of developing artificial intelligence and technology technologies and the fifth generation of information and communication technology in China, (as a substitute for the American monopoly of technology companies), Like:Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and others.


6)The Chinese government linked the possibility of achieving "good governance" with the "Belt and Road Initiative" and the extent of its influence around the world, as the Chinese authorities set several axes to achieve good governance policies, the most important of which, are:

Achieving common prosperity, reducing poverty and a better life, achieving sustainable development, and the common destiny of humanity. And all this by activating the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative and encouraging more countries in the world to join it.

§ Second: President "Xi Jinping" linked his development initiatives to the service of mankind, and his proposal to create a system (global governance) with responsibility for China to develop world civilizations

China has expressed its responsibility to maintain the world order at the international level, and this has increased further, especially after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic around the world.

Hence, the (Development Research Center of the State Council of China) plays a very big role in shaping the policies of the Chinese state in (good governance and deepening governance) in the society, and the most important experience here is what the think tanks and research centers are playing in China in drawing the national governance, formation part of its system, through the mechanism of interacting with its international counterparts and making joint researches, studies and plans that deepen the concept of Chinese good governance and Chinese governance practices globally.

Accordingly, we can find that deepening (cooperation between the research centers in China and the international community) is an effective way to advance the exchange of development experiences between the two sides. With the world now believing that good governance is necessary for social development, therefore, China seeks to enhance exchanges and cooperation between Chinese think tanks and opinion, and with all countries of the world.

On the level of China's transparency in dealing with the world through the application of the efficiency of good governance after the spread of the Corona virus globally, the Chinese administrations have transparency and professionalism dealt with the international community, making all relevant available data on the virus and the epidemic to the Chinese side, and for the whole world equally, quickly, open and transparent And responsible ways, China has sought to cooperate with the international community in combating the virus, amid praise from the World Health Organization that China's experience in fighting the virus is a model for the other countries to follow and learn from.

In general, China's governance and good governance policies have succeeded in advancing the fields of economy, defensive ability, overall strength, people's life, environment and the international situation.

Perhaps what surprised and astonished me most personally as an - Egyptian researcher specializing in Chinese affairs- was the talk of Chinese President (Xi Jinping) about developing world civilizations as part of good governance and governance, by asserting that "we should not be satisfied with diversifying our civilizations, but rather we must create Conditions conducive to the development of other civilizations in the world".

And the President (Xi) made me more fascinated and surprised when he talked about the form of systematic (global governance and global government), a system in which international systems, institutions and governments interconnect, and exchange data and information among them in a transparent manner, and (Xi) addressed his speech to the international community, saying:

"All countries should make efforts to achieve global governance jointly to provide the important guarantee for the establishment of a new international civil order. With the establishment of the global government".

§ Third: The understanding and points of convergence (in practice) between the dream of the Chinese President (Xi Jinping) and his Egyptian counterpart (El -Sisi) to link between the "Egypt Vision 2030" and the Chinese "Belt and Road" initiative to form a new, interconnected world system of civilizations led by China

Through the previous analysis of the previous Chinese concepts and their significance, we can briefly observe (the distinctive position of Egypt to China) to form what is known as (the three patterns of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s dream and the support of his Egyptian counterpart, "El Sisi”), through China and its political leadership seeking patterns of (Global governance, a global Governing system "Global government" administered by China, and interconnected world civilizations), as a shared responsibility between "Egypt and China together", as the two oldest civilizations, through:

1- The Egyptian side has proposed (officially) the (points of convergence between Egypt's Vision 2030, and the China "Belt and Road” initiative), during Egypt’s hosting of the activities of the "Governance and Egypt Vision 2030” forum, on Wednesday and Thursday, January 8 and 9, 2020, and it took place Inviting China to participate, in cooperation with the Egyptian Information and Support Center in the Egyptian Cabinet, which supports and enhances the idea because it is issued by Egyptian (official) parties.


2- There is (already existing) cooperation between the (TheEgyptianCabinet'sInformationandDecision Support Center"IDSC") affiliated with the Council of Ministers, with the "Chinese Embassy" in Cairo and the "Development Research Center of the State Council Of China "DRC" to study China's vision, plans and experiences in the field of "governance", then jumping to form a "global style of governance", closely related to Egyptian and Chinese Thoughts.


3- Perhaps the Chinese Foreign Minister personally "Wang Yi" and the Chinese Ambassador to Cairo (Liao Liqiang) to represent China (officially) in a governance forum officially hosted by Cairo, reflecting that it might be an extension of a common Egyptian-Chinese "stable policy" during the upcoming period. What confirms this proposition is the focus of the Chinese ambassador in Cairo,Mr. ambassador, (Liao Liqiang) in his speech that: "The exchange of governance experiences is a result of the strategic partnership agreement between the Egyptian Presidents "Abdel Fattah El-Sisi" and the Chinese "Xi Jinping".


4- What was not noticed and written about extensively at the time by those who have attended and contributed to laying the foundations for the exchange of experiences in the field of governance between Egypt and China, is making (a careful content analysis of the expressions of the Chinese ambassador's speech, "Liao Liqiang"), which explicitly linked (the geography of Egypt and its location and his remind of the agreement of President El-Sisi with his Chinese counterpart "Xi"), when the Chinese ambassador to Cairo spoke during his speech about Egypt's location at the meeting across of the world's continents, reiterating (reminding the audience) that last year - meaning during 2018 - President "El-Sisi" literally stressed the need Enhancing cohesion between Egypt's Vision 2030 and the Belt and Road initiative, which is already taking place". According to the literal text transliteration of the Chinese ambassador to Cairo.


5- Perhaps (the most dangerous and the most important point that personally caught my attention in the Chinese ambassador’s speech) in front of the "Chinese-Egyptian Governance” Forum in Cairo, is his intended meaning that "this current forum is enhancing the goals of both the CPC and the Egyptian authorities led by President (El-Sisi) represented in Serving the people". According to the literal text transliteration of the Chinese ambassador's speech in Cairo.


6- Perhaps the one who is contemplating and analyzing the speech of Ambassador/ Liao Liqiang will definitely confirm "the correctness and even the accuracy of the Chinese ambassador’s presentation", especially when he has attracted and drew the attention of the participants in the Cairo forum during his speech before them that (the Chinese Communist Party presented a series of new concepts and strategies that flow into the favor and service of the people's of China. In addition to the Chinese President "Xi Jinping" has raised and introduced a strategy to maintain world peace and the common win". According to the literal text of the Chinese ambassador's speech in Cairo.











§ My own personal analysis of the most important aspects of the Chinese ambassador's speech to the Governance Forum in Cairo, January 2020

The importance of raising these points in particular to the Chinese ambassador in Cairo - from the analytical point of view of the Egyptian researcher as an expert in Chinese political affairs- in an "official speech", in order to achieve a series of the following goals:




1)The speech in most of its aspects was keening to confirm the party's role, reaffirming the efforts of the (ruling Chinese Communist Party), and put it as a "global party" capable with its leaders, members of its political bureau and its central committee in China, headed by President "Xi Jinping" as the Secretary-General For the party, to put forth a "global view" and "global policy" that ultimately leads China toward persuading its partners and friends around the world to forge (A global governance pattern that promotes and serves its development initiatives and ultimately leads China to establish a new global governance pattern that enables it to re-establish interconnections between civilizations of the world despite its diversity).


2)Also - for those who do not understand things well in China - the political elites in China are competing in obtaining concrete results in advancing Chinese governance, and the associated mechanisms to fight poverty because it is (the only way to promote partisanship), and thus occupy leadership positions within structures the country and the Communist Party of China "CPC". Hence, the same pattern of internal governance in China encourages (the secretion of serious party leaderships) to serve the goals of Chinese governance globally, enabling it to finally lead the idea of ​​leadership around the world with new Chinese foundations and patterns.


3)Perhaps the (Corona pandemic) around the world came as an opportunity (to be reminded) of the importance of this previous proposition, while linking all of China's development initiatives to serve humanity under its leadership and (mainly by directing the leaders of the ruling Communist Party). The "Healthy Silk Road" initiative as an extension of the "Belt and Road" initiative also bears indications that China and the leaders of the "ruling Communist Party" are capable and even prepared now to achieve the "common destiny of mankind" according to President "Xi Jinping's vision", despite the American skepticism about it. This prompted and pushed the Chinese officials, media and the official press in China to describe "American politicians are acting as political viruses", referring to their attempt to make differences between the two countries. This is what I wrote about (a global article), published in English - I harvested the most popular and read articles - in the Indian magazine "Diplomatist", to explain China's viewpoint to Washington and the world.


4)Basically, the previous point confirms the Chinese leadership's keenness in its political speeches as a valuable opportunity to remind the Chinese people and the international community of the most important achievements of the (CPC) during the previous period, as Chinese President (Xi Jinping) mentioned in his (latest political speeches) In front of the leaders of the Communist Party after the success of the party's efforts and directives in controlling the epidemic (Covid-19) that: "the recent decline in injuries" demonstrated once again the outstanding advantages of the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the socialist system with Chinese characteristics".


5)By virtue of my proximity to the Chinese academic community, and my constant desire to communicate with them as a result of my specialization in Chinese political affairs, I was able to conclude, analyze and even understand the reasons why a number of Chinese think tanks and Chinese researchers are now interested in after the crisis (Covid-19) to draw features of a shape (The new global system of governments is interconnected with civilizations led by China), as the most important concern of the (Chinese think tanks) now, because the Chinese leadership relies on them to draw up deliberate plans, under the supervision of Chinese experts, each in its field and careful specialization for the advancement of China. On top of it is the (Development Research Center Of the State Council Of China "DRC") (Guówùyuàn Fāzhǎn Yánjiū Zhōngxīn)国务院发展研究中心 as an equal parallel device to the Cabinet, which, in its "official" participation with the Chinese embassy in Cairo in the "Governance Forum at Cairo in January 2020", as I have previously explained, and its central role in guiding the Chinese leadership The ruling Communist Party has drawn up the Chinese state's policies at home and abroad. Perhaps, that explains why the representatives of the (Development Research Center Of the State Council Of China "DRC") has attended the former Governance Forum in Cairo to present the (official view of China) as a preliminary stage to mobilize the world - led by the Friends of China - for the vision and future policy of China towards establishing what is known as a (global governance style, leading to a global government system centered around by China, to create an interconnected civilized world under the responsibility and leadership of China).



6)It remains in the final analysis until the picture and the vision become is becoming clear to you, which is that, as I think analytically, as soon as the pandemic spreads around the world, many people may agree with me now - including the American and foreign experts and researchers in Chinese affairs around the world - that (the world post Corona is not the same Before it, we are now living (physically) in a stage (schizophrenia) between two different worlds: ("the world before Corona” and "the world after Corona”), and waiting for who will lead the world in the end, after realizing some of the"impossibility of creating a cooperative pattern Between the two superpowers, China and the United States to serve humanity” together, after everyone has confirmed Washington's refusal to cooperate with China, and to devote itself to tarnishing its image and deteriorating the image of the leaders of the ruling Communist Party Of China "CPC", as if it were an explicit "ideological war", while continuing accusations of "Mike Pompeo", the US Secretary of State, and "Mark Asper", the US Secretary of Defense to "the policies of the Communist Party of China "CPC"- not the Chinese government, authorities or leadership - as explicitly responsible for the epidemic, which is (a dangerous precedent in the history of international relations between the two sides as a deliberate intended US policy), because it is issued by ministers and current officials in the Trump's administration to deteriorate the image of the "Communist Party of China "CPC", because the talk now in America is managed "ideologically" behind the scenes to ship the world mainly against the policies of the "CPC" in the first place.


Through the previous analytical presentation of the Egyptian researcher, we can conclude and conclude that the Chinese President (Xi Jinping) has been able to influence the world by linking his development initiatives to serve mankind, and his proposal to create a global system of government in which all cooperate in a transparent manner. With the Chinese leadership at the same time taking an interest in the world’s civilizations and their interconnectedness, by linking the present to the future in order to accelerate the world’s connection in accordance with a "Chinese development vision” aiming to serve mankind according to a multi-international system, and this indicates and deepens the ability of China and its President "Xi” to lead China globally, qualifying it on the top leadership of the international community, achieving its interdependence and influence on it, to improve the management of its systems and institutions in an effective manner, especially post (Covid-19) world.