Parliamentary Committee lauds places of worship reopening

Al-Anbat - The Parliamentary Health Committee lauded the Ministry of Health’s recommendations to reopen places of worship after it had been shut down in an attempt to limit the spread of coronavirus.

In a statement on Thursday, the Committee called on worshipers to follow the health and hygiene instructions set by the competent authorities, specifically the social distancing, and to bring their prayer rugs from home and put on their face masks.

The Committee also warned against reopening cafes, indicating that if opened, hookahs will be served for smoking, which may lead to spread the infection. In addition, facilities at the cafes will be used, which will reduce the possibility of controlling the imposition of public safety measures.

As for sport facilities, the Committee renewed its warning against reopening the gyms, pinning down the difficulty of exercising while wearing masks as the body needs to receive large quantities of oxygen during sports. Meanwhile, exercising without masks may cause the transmission of the virus among people.

The Committee called on the Ministry of Health to issue recommendations related to other sectors of food and curative security.

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