The Military Establishment.. Highness

Al-Anbat -

Hussein Al-Jaghbeir

Social networking sites continue to insist on spreading poisons and creating chaos in a manner that would harm the public welfare of the country. Some of its leaders continue to deafen their ears to any calls to invest in such sites on the positive side and deal with them responsibly and make sure of the validity of the news and rumors published, many of them carries the assassination of the personality because its source is anonymous.

The latest rumors spread to our military establishment, the Army Foundation, following the changes that took place in the leaderships, which are regular and periodic changes that occur continuously. This does not mean that they were the result of misconduct or management by those responsible.Unfortunately, the policy of skepticism exercised by some towards all files and issues is still the title of the traitors and those who are keen to provoke sedition and broadcast conversations that harm the national interest supreme.

The abuse of the military establishment is unacceptable to any sane or patriotic, and can not be allowed under any circumstances because of the high confidence they carry in the eyes of the Jordanians and their leader before them, so everyone should deal with any information about this institution or rumor as much as the size of this great edifice with its leadership and its bounty, understanding the eyes that safeguard the security of a homeland we sing before the whole world, and can not be questioned and touched.

The change that this institution has witnessed lately falls under the appreciation of the decision-maker, which is normal in all parts of the globe. It does not mean that it is related to something abnormal that happened, or as a result of corruption or mistakes. The history of the Kingdom has witnessed such changes many times it is not the first of its kind, and certainly will not be the last, and will not be only at the level of the commander of the army.

It is very shameful to unleash our illusory imagination, and to proceed with unfounded analyzes of logic and reason, not based on facts and proofs, because in this case we allow anyone to abuse the symbolism of this institution by entering details that are far from reality, therefore, everyone should have a good spirit of citizenship instead of being preoccupied with matters of appreciation to him only His Majesty the King, the King whose choices and decisions we trust. We support them without thinking, we believe in them, and we act under our belief that these decisions are ultimately in the interest of the Kingdom.

The army is a military institution that must be respected, and far from all suspicions, and if there is any defect, God forbid, the king and the state are able to define it and control it , and restore things to the right path to preserve its sanctity. Let the black hands stop their evil in the body of this national symbol.


Translated by: Yasmeen AbuBaker

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