Will Al Tarawneh succeed in Qatar?

Al-Anbat -

Omar Kullab 

The presidency of the Council of Representatives is living in a state of ecstasy, because of victories and breakthroughs in the case of Jordanian stalemate with friendly countries. The President of the Council Atef Tarawneh is still ecstatic after the participation of the Syrian Parliament in the meeting of Arab parliamentarians which was recently embraced by Amman and resulted in the presidency of Al Tarawneh of the Arab Parliament, Breaking the ice with Iran, the man is still seeking to mature the experience of parliamentary diplomacy despite the shortcomings of the structure of the House of Representatives to support in this experiment near the individual, because of low political awareness of many members of parliament who fought the parliamentary battle on service programs.

Al-Tarawneh is preparing to visit Qatar, at the head of a parliamentary delegation, to participate in the work of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, which is hosted by the Qatari capital of Doha, and in his interview with the writer of the article on radio station Dahab within the program on the ninth day, said that his file is basically the erosion of the racist entity before world parliaments and Islamic And the establishment of the Hashemite custodianship of Islamic and Christian sanctities in the light of the declarations and program of King Abdullah II, but the man did not hide that there is a parallel program of his visit included in his agenda meetings with the leadership of the country.

The political agenda for Tarawneh's visit to Doha will necessarily be three. Qatar's $ 1.25 billion long-standing grant is Qatar's share of the Gulf grant, which Doha has not yet paid. So many do not think this is an economic matter, Doha's suspension of its contribution to the grant Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) political decision reveals the extent of the coldness of the Jordanian-Qatari relationship due to external factors in the Arab world than the concerns of the bilateral relationship between the two countries, and the second Qatari grant that followed the Mecca conference, in which Qatar was absent and specifically the separation of Jordanians grant ten thousand jobs, and the third and the delay here requires submission of how long will the Jordanian-Qatari relationship subject to bilateral concerns and regional obstacles?

The answer is not only to the Qataris, but to Jordan, which hopes that Doha will understand the sensitivity of the Jordanian situation and its complexities in the Gulf region, and Jordan's attempt to distance itself from the details and sensitivity of the Gulf scene. The task of Tarawneh will undoubtedly be difficult, but it needs Qatari attention and good Jordanian offer, especially after the Tunis summit, which increased the complexity of the crisis and the departure of the Qatari prince from the opening session, half an hour after the launch.

The bet on Tarawneh is a project especially after the successes achieved in the files of Syria and Iran, and its transfer after its national positions of the Zionist gas agreement, from the president of a popularly unpopular parliament to a national leader with popular confidence and the confidence of the decision-maker. Which is no different with Jordan and its leadership in the national positions, specifically on the path of the Palestinian cause and guardianship over Jerusalem, Doha is free of the lust of religious leadership specifically, and belongs to the range of countries that master the art of crisis management and transfer and float, as evidenced by its success in overcoming the trauma of the first siege and the beginning Exit the crisis of interest after the Qatari society was able to prioritize and return to the idea of ​​self-reliance, which requires it to re-read its relations with Jordan exclusively with a new logic and inspired by the crisis itself. The countries are living a new situation of self-reliance by the Arab siege.

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