Where do the Jordanians stand today?

Al-Anbat -

The state of pessimism, frustration and confusion is sometimes at its peak in the Jordanian street, blamed in aspects and justified in other. The mobile among the pages of social networking sites and aware of the content that people are asking about a number of files and issues, especially those related to the economic and political aspects can read the faces of citizens and what is in their minds of fear, anxiety and insomnia on a home that corruption surprised in and to reform tomorrow as far away from the reality of the dream girl in the midst of the weakness of successive governments that have been tampering in the land destruction and devastation as a result of failed policies ..

All this helped the weakness of the government and its reluctance to make crucial and important decisions for all Jordanians in conjunction with their delay in dealing with the problems despite announcing a renaissance plan in which they set their priorities for future Jordan and on the ground, we have not noticed any change or progress yet, no matter how limited.

The government enjoys unprecedented coldness. It sees the situation in the country and the suffering of citizens in all the provinces. Unfortunately, all it has are just promises that promises of economic reform are coming, perhaps this is happening, but the priority indicators do not indicate and do not bode well.

The situation is not negligible when the street reaches this stage of discontent and frustration, a time bomb may come on the green and land where it will explode and it will be a painful explosion unless the government of Dr. Omar Razzaz to speed up the search for magical solutions that would restore even a small part of confidence with the street Or at least stop its bleeding.

We do not justify the citizen's transformation into negative. He has a great responsibility towards the state and the homeland. He has to be patient more than that, which he committed over the years and years. It was his weapon in the face of the crises that the Kingdom experienced, which are numerous, varied, difficult and dangerous crises in some of them, where he steadfastly supported the difficulties for a secure and prosperous homeland.

The edge on which we stand as people and government is as sharp as the sword and leaving the field for snowball to grow and grow is at economic , political and social cost, and nobody can bear the consequences and every citizen should ask where he stands today?

The government is also required to ask where it stands today and where it directs its connection, where it must stop thinking and thinking and move its arrows towards achievement and hard work that will rest everyone and push the pace of progress forward instead of deviating from the edge that terrifies us all.


Translated by: Yasmeen AbuBaker

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