Jordan Fashion Week – W Amman sponsors the hottest fashion event in town

Alanbatnews -

Amman, Jordan (March 2019)


W Amman today unveils its latest collaboration with Jordan Fashion Week; the renowned fashion event that takes place in Jordan every year, showcasing the latest fashion trends and glamourous designs to fashion lovers. The event kicked off at W Amman in a press conference, announcing the date of the foreseen event, taking place in the city on the 29th of March throughout two days. The press conference hosted internationally renowned fashion and jewelry designers, in addition to social influencers and bloggers.


The fashion guru and pioneer of Amman, Shirene Rifai, chose distinctive designers and brands for Jordan Fashion Week. Combining the W brand’s passion for supporting fashion talents with new and next styles, the event will bring exclusive items and chic new looks to fashion fans in Amman. W Amman teamed up with a local designer, soon to be announced, who is creating a custom-made design piece, that is inspired by the local property of W brand. Jordan Fashion Week will exclusively feature W’s design piece, where the designer will narrate a unique story line behind the design and will also reflect W’s brand identity, taking into consideration the fab interiors of W Amman.


 “We are proud to partner with Jordan Fashion Week as it would bring fashion fans with unparalleled access to what’s new and next in style,” said Esra Parin, General Manager of W Amman. “Our collaboration with Shirene Rifai was born from the W brand’s longstanding passion point in fashion, since W always wants people in Amman to be on the inside of the fashion world. Jordan Fashion Week is a fabulous opportunity for W Amman to electrify the fashion scene, and to own the moment by playing a vital role in placing Jordan on the fashion platform.”