Investor in Al Romman forest

Al-Anbat -

Waleed Hosni

I couldn’t say for sure  that the area of ​​King Talal Dam from the area of ​​Sad Al Romman has an internal tourist influx, but only a small number. This area is protected during the summer and from the edges of the high area it places its bleak conditions before returning to the cement forests.

The coastal area of ​​the King Talal Basin is very beautiful  and calm but it is still a closed area to citizens for decades,It was previously used in what was known as the "Al  rally" or "Al Romman race" that penetrates that wonderful forest in a winding way up and down.

This area is now known as the Royal Botanic Garden and is classified as an "environmentally important area", which is never "under liability" and is functionally related to the Ministry of Agriculture in the Ain al-Basha District.

All of the above is just information known to many people of the region and its inhabitants, but the new, which is very little known, that this area "environmentally important" has been experiencing two and a half months of demolition and construction has reshaped the face of the region for the purpose of building a hotel and tourist restaurants owned by a very important figure.

The entire region of state property and not the property of that important person who appears to have acquired a concession and somehow to exploit part of that "environmentally important" area for personal investment purposes, and not for government investment purposes that may provide the state treasury with some tourism revenues.

The investment project is being held today on an area of ​​land on the campus and entrance of the area that is environmentally important, which prevents citizens from approaching or entering it or may be characterized by its fragrance and pure air,But it seems quite suitable for the construction and construction of an investment hotel and tourist restaurants for a personality we do not know exactly how to have the privilege of investing that area of ​​the land, and we do not know for sure what are the conditions for the allocation of that land and delegated to that person.

Yesterday, I sat there on the edge of the dangerous cliff to fill King Talal in a fog-filled atmosphere. I was surprised by the machinery, the offices of the executing company and the workers, and curiosity prompted me to wonder what these people were doing here, and since when they were changing the shape and the terrain of the area that I used to frequent from time to time in summer and winter ,I was surprised by what the workers said to me from leaked information without asking any further questions or even asking for more information from engineers and officials who were present at the scene.

I cite what I had previously done in the context of marking what is going on in the Royal Botanical Garden, which is considered an "environmentally important area" that has been closed to citizens for decades, but is now open to an investor to build his project on that state-owned land and its treasury.

Translated by : Diana Hilal

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