Is it possible to contain popular frustration !!!

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Al-Anbat - Engineer Hashem Nayel Majali


It is natural and certain to see waves of popular frustration following the adoption of the new tax law and other laws that burden the citizen and restrict his movement and freedom of one form or another, but despite all this no one expected that the official interaction with these waves would not be scientifically  and studied theoretically, practically and field-wise, especially that the danger of these waves of protests, media and field can lead to the most difficult of all, when the public opinion is directed towards stronger trends than the government, especially in light of the fragility of the ability to implement different strategies for development projects because of fiscal deficit in the budget, which became the government's favorite words, the reasons for its inability to implement development projects and the absence of creative tactical innovations to deal with the methods of protestors, citizens or politicians. It is not a challenge in the social networks and its users by individuals in society, this is a right as a form of committed freedom of expression , excluding the extremists or deviant or those who have agendas of abuse and spread the spirit of sedition and hatred.

But the challenge is not to invest these networks to contain the growing waves of popular frustration and containment of the opposition, indeed the development and achievement, despite the different agendas and the lack of clarity of course and volatility with each event.

We have to be convinced of the danger of growing popular frustration and tension, especially if there are those who have agendas to escalate where the citizen is the victim, the official efforts are concentrated in defense only, refute accusations and film and fabricate images and monitoring trends without intellectual, creative and practical strategy to lead the public and gain public opinion for what these taxes will achieve from financial income reflected on development and achievements.

The citizen says are there more of these taxes and means of collection of multiple and diverse, and even many writers changed their writings into official compliments for the existence of excessive sensitivity to any criticism based on the correct grounds to accuse him of being a suck-up to the government, and he has to be more accurate instead of using the unacceptable compliment which does not absorb popular congestion .

The waves of frustration end only when many officials wake up from their sleep and realize the need for change and real reform, not just the theoretical and media. It will not change the protests, and many aspects of corruption of many officials started to appear in public and through many means of social communication. Officials that were at one point decision-makers even in imposing tax laws and others, to show their new companies and partnerships among themselves to prove how the decision was made by sharing through channels as a spider web and this is dangerous in the mechanism of political decision-making and who will benefit from it later.

The public's confidence in the government must be restored and supported in its policies by participating in making the majority of them to achieve real reforms and participate in making development, increasing the area of ​​expression of the poor performance of many officials so that there is no regression of the experience of expressing opinion only through social networks and putting a limit for individuals who tweet in defense of positions and actions in a confrontational and provocative manner, as protected by senior officials and speaking on their behalf. This is a dangerous turning point leading to successive clashes and tensions that increase tension especially on social networking pages, in the absence of clear policy engineers, disconnection in the political figures of many new officials, and a tangible solidarity of the old political figures who appeared to be critical of the government's policy, with a disorder of expression and false beliefs leading to misguided beliefs and misconceptions to draw the wise policy in the administration of government in the light of losing the work spirit of many officials and the government's weakness to fight real corruption, which has become rampant in many places as officials, traders, factory owners and others.


Translated by: Yasmeen AbuBaker

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