Human Engine ... and Human Anchor !!!

Al-Anbat -

Al-Anbat- Engineer Hashem Nayel Majali


In light of the changes, developments and external pressures of the challenges, the successive governments have carried out a series of measures, including raising prices on many goods, materials, inputs, prices of electricity, water, oil derivatives and taxes of all kinds and others, which burdened the citizen especially the owners of limited income, traders and others. There are citizens who gave up to despair and stopped seeing a glimmer of hope calling for optimism and moving forward in this course of this life, and they became pessimistic and turned their days into a dark gloom, not a glimmer of the strings of light, when despair controls the soul, it kills and tensions it and makes it lose the joy of happiness and Life, so it gives up and withdraws to the cooler dreams and hopes slaughtered by the obnoxious weapons.

But we know that there are those who fought despair and failure and recorded the myth of his successes with all will and determination, the successful man never succumb to crises, for despair means hopelessness, a heavy constraint prevents the owner of work and productivity, so he stays put, unable to strive to change the reality because it is frustrating and frustration affects the spirit and mind together, so people lose hope in changing their situation. There are people who are quick to deal with things. Almighty Allah said: " man kind is always hasty." Israa, The hasty are the shortest breath people, the fastest to despair. Almighty Allah says: "Whoever puts his trust in Allah will make him a way out". 

When the crisis intensifies and worsens on the state on the state and on the citizen, there comes the left and relief for Allah is generous, the thing show on the surface as an abuse but the wellness is good and useful. Let us look at things with a certain optimism and rearrangement of the internal house, the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said -Hope for the best and you shall find it-. So open your windows and let the light invade your dark rooms and dark corners, and we know that there are people who try to convince you to give up your optimistic vision, and that there is no way to reform and change, those are dream stealers, we should not listen to them. There are two kinds of people, experts say, the type of anchor and the type of engine. Engine people are the ones who move towards a goal they seek and work to achieve, their work is for development and adaptation, but the anchor people are the negative frustrated ones who drag you down to the bottom, hence the human must choose the active people not who are in the form of an anchor, and the mind is like a field and every idea we think of to overcome the crises is a process of irrigation and we will harvest only what we planted from negative or positive ideas, and the loss of a battle often teaches you how to win the war and the more the person competes with himself he then develops.

We are now facing a real thing in the financial crisis as a result of external pressures to dictate policies and fateful decisions on us. Financial support and grants for the establishment of projects have been stopped and there are no other options after successive governments failed to attract foreign investment, the breakout of domestic investment, industrialists and others and rampant corruption, which led to the budget deficit for the state and did not have the option but raise the prices of everything, as well as taxes of all kinds, and the only solution is the pocket of the helpless citizen that has to adapt and change his lifestyle and strive to be a human engine and not the anchor.

Translated by: Yasmeen AbuBaker

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