Making the future in a shabby economy !!!

Al-Anbat -

Al-Anbat- Engineer Hashem Nayel Majali

There is a fact that many still suffer from its shock and effects, it is the bankruptcy of the philosophers of economic thought, in the context of the bankruptcy of many companies and factories and the escape of international commercial agencies and the reluctance of the many investments that had been expected years ago, until it came to small traders for they were victims of many crises which did not have the right ideas to solve their crises by the economic intellectual theorists and tax law experts and those involved in investment, but there were people involved in the corrupt investments of some businessmen, who have been judged by law, and others have fled, and their investments have had significant damage to the economy.

These issues were followed by the crisis of the stock exchanges to the crisis of the smoke companies and many others, and neither a totalitarian economy nor a capitalist economy resisted, especially with the existence of new economists who believe in opening markets and breaking barriers with factories and international companies, in the globalization that crushed the local traders and industrialists. They have returned to all those who demanded the establishment of controls to protect the local market, and their ideas had developed an imaginary economy and its real crises without providing any exits to avoid the bumps confirmed, relying on their intellectual instincts they studied without any application on the ground, Without circumventing the national interest or the interest of the owners of factories and companies which are all reflected on the citizen, it was the collapse of many companies, shut down of many factories, others escaping to neighboring countries, and tax invasion were a title to extinguish losses.

And we have been attracted to economic conferences that do not enrich and ensure the hunger of the theory and the work without a realistic understanding of the changes and developments in the market arena, but it became the policy that sets the standards of the economy and does not take into account the realities of the economy or its standards. The method of raising the proportion of taxes, successive laws, the various methods of collection and innovative variety to drain what is in the pockets of citizens, which weakened the purchasing power of citizens. The citizen has accepted what little available to cover the cost of living and its requirements of electricity, water, gasoline and diesel heating and other, where much damage has been done to a lot of people which made them resort to borrowing without the ability to pay later. There were no economists or politicians standing out on the national scene to be able to resolve the crisis in the light of what is realistic.

These economic crises did not leave room for the adaptation of the men of economic thought according to developments and changes, because there are developments that we did not expect day after day from excesses and corruption in major companies and institutions, as shown in the report of the Audit Office and the concerned authorities. How will the balanced development be achieved in all regions of the kingdom to develop the worn out infrastructure in the light of the deficit in the general budget, and how will the competitive advantages be enjoyed by the investments in these areas, from industrial or agricultural developments and marketing mechanisms, or the launching of new projects boast that we are proud of with the development of technology and expansion for the future with high quality and different technology.

We do not forget the need of remote areas of comprehensive health centers and educational schools of a quality appropriate to the nature of the region and its need for technical, agricultural, industrial and marketing professionals, and support individual and collective investments with soft loans and a special marketing policy that supports their projects and remains under evaluation and control.

To turn it from a consumer country to a producer and exporter country not an importer, attention to environmental projects, protection and development of components to receive the attention appropriate, and let there be national parks and tourism projects in the interior and rural, helping by that the different terrain for summer, winter, mountain, mountain and desert, which are clean unpolluted  environments, there must be national plans for that.


Translated by: Yasmeen AbuBaker

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