The Jordanian Gulf Communication Forum recommends that Jordan adopt a regional and strategic observatory for food security

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Al-Anbat- Adel Fareed 
 The Jordanian Social Media Forum recommended focusing on food security between the Kingdom and the Arab Gulf states and building an agricultural path to facilitate the flow of agricultural commodities between Jordan and the Gulf states.
In its recommendations, the forum called for exchanging experiences and techniques applied in the field of agriculture and food production; benefiting from Jordan's climate in the agricultural process; and recommending Jordan's adoption of a regional and strategic food security observatory to reduce the effects of crises and shocks to serve the countries of the region and contribute to providing the necessary infrastructure for emergency stocks.
Jordan Chamber of Commerce President Nael Kabariti said that the forum recommended strengthening cooperation efforts between various parties through mobilizing and intensifying efforts and agreeing on consistent, integrated, and sustainable work mechanisms and policies that reflect the consensus of ideas and visions on how to develop economic relations in line with the current circumstances.
He pointed out that the forum recommended taking advantage of electronic commerce because it provides a wide space for business owners from all parties to hold meetings and commercial deals in a manner that ensures the continuity of communication and relations, strengthens technology sharing and exchanges of information to achieve positive results, develops relations, and develops the volume of investment and trade exchange to the level of aspirations and hopes.
He added that the forum also recommended encouraging the establishment of joint economic and investment projects between business owners and economic institutions in the private sector on both sides by studying regulatory and tax obstacles and setting up a mechanism to facilitate customs and non-tariff procedures, both administrative and technical.
The forum also recommended, according to Kabariti, strengthening cooperation in production and investment activities, establishing major production projects, and forging partnerships for projects in the Kingdom in the areas of solar energy and expanding energy applications.
The forums stressed in their recommendations the importance of discussing opportunities for joint cooperation between Jordan and the Gulf countries in the field of solar energy; directing Gulf Jordanian investments towards renewable energy projects; working on the electrical interconnection project from renewable energy; the information and communication technology sector; and university education to graduate specialized cadres and link education outputs to the needs of the labor market.
According to Kabariti, the forum also recommended discussing investment in the promising Jordanian sectors, especially tourism, medical tourism, mining, finance, banking, logistics, infrastructure, and agriculture, and benefiting from the advantages offered by the government in the areas of investment through trade agreements, modern laws, tax facilities, and customs exemptions.
He added that the forum recommended activating women's participation in the economic wheel by signing memoranda of understanding and cooperation between businesswomen in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and Jordan; establishing a joint electronic communication network for Jordanian and Gulf youth entrepreneurs; and discussing the reality of the youth's situation and their future through the Jordan Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Chambers of Commerce. Countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. 
He referred to the forum's call to create a business incubator to follow up on any pioneering project for Jordanian and Gulf business youth, in addition to establishing a consulting company to study the ideas of Arab youth, remove obstacles between the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and Jordan by facilitating mobility, and prepare a common electronic platform to present the available investment opportunities and economic activities that will be held in Jordan and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.
The forum stressed the need for governments to proceed with the implementation of interconnection projects at the level of joint transport through the railway project to facilitate trade exchange operations and reduce their cost burdens on the private sector, in addition to the logistical and technical services supporting them, and to develop a regulatory framework that stimulates private sector investment in this vital facility by the principle of ( B.O.T) and that governments and investment authorities provide full information in investment windows, whether in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries or Jordan, on the incentives and regulatory frameworks for the sector.
It is noteworthy that the third session of the Gulf-Jordanian Communication Forum was organized by the Jordan Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the Federation of Chambers of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and with the support of the General Secretariat of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf under the slogan "New Horizons for Economic and Investment Cooperation."
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