Al-Faisaly fans give a lesson in belonging

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Al - Anbat - Ali Owais 
Translated by Neveen - AL- JARRAH 

Al-Faisaly club fans launched an initiative to support the club financially and morally as a result of the punishment imposed by the disciplinary committee of the Jordan Football Association, after the events that took place in the Amman International Stadium between Al-Faisaly and Ma'an teams in the sixteenth round of the league championship, where some of the team’s fans went to the match stadium because of what The Ma'an club player abused the public, and the penalty was to deprive the team's fans from attending for two matches and a fine of five thousand dinars.

The head of the temporary committee of the Al-Faisaly club, Jihad Qteishat, told "Al-Anbat" that the disciplinary committee was harsh in the punishment it imposed on the club, and with reference to Article 89 of the Jordanian Football Association's Penal Code related to crowd riots, which states that in the event the public goes to the field before or during Or after the match, he is deprived for one match and a fine of one thousand dinars, expressing his astonishment at the imposition of the harshest punishment on the club, which is going through an important period where the league is witnessing fierce competition between three clubs for the first time in many years, namely Al-Faisaly, Al-Wehdat and Al-Hussein Irbid.

He added that the administration respects the decisions of the Federation and the Disciplinary Committee, and that the administration has the right to appeal against the decision, hoping that the penalty will be reduced to one match so that our match with Al-Hussein Irbid will be in the presence of the leader's audience so that the event befits the level of this awaited summit.

Qteishat praised the initiative launched by the Al-Zaeem fans to support the club financially and morally by collecting sums of money from the fans in order to compensate for the losses incurred by the club as a result of the punishment, indicating that the public is the foundation of the club and it is a good initiative that deserves thanks and appreciation. How much they love the team.

For his part, Maan Rbeihat, head of the Al-Faisaly Club Supporters Association, told "Al-Anbat" that the punishment was strict against the leader's fans, and that the team desperately needed the fans' presence and support in order to crown the title, stressing that the initiative supporting the club by the Al-Faisali fans is a more than excellent step that reflects The extent of love and loyalty by the fans to the club.

For his part, lawyer Muhannad Abu Tarboush told "Al-Anbat" that the decision was a surprise to everyone, explaining that the masses' arrival on the field was not accompanied by any kind of attacks on the players or riots inside the stadium, noting that what happened was the disembarkation of some of the audience and the cracking of a few seats in the stands. Their number does not exceed 4 or 5 seats, stressing that these events are not punishable by deprivation, but by financial fines.

Regarding the financial support initiative, Abu Tarboush stressed its importance, indicating that the club would have financially lost between 10 to 15 thousand dinars as a result of the penalty of depriving the fans, noting that the fans contributed by paying sums of money to the club’s account according to their financial ability in order to compensate for the financial losses, stressing that the interaction between the extent The authenticity of the public and their love for this entity.

For his part, sports activist Imad Al-Rab’i "Al - Anbat " that the decision to deprive the fans of the Al-Salt and Al-Hussein matches will cost the club a large sum of up to 60,000 dinars, and this amount is close to the club’s monthly salaries, which amount to up to 70,000 dinars per month, causing great losses for the leader.

He added that the fans will continue to support the team in the event that the appeal decision submitted by the team’s management is rejected, in order to compensate for the losses of the team’s two matches, stressing that the fans’ reaction shows that Al-Faisaly fans always stand by the team and support it in order to cover the material damage accompanying the decision.

In turn, the sports activist, Fahd Al-Huwayan, indicated that the punishment was harsh for the fans of the leader, expressing his hope that the penalty would be reduced to one match so that the fans could watch their team’s match in the stadium’s stands, indicating that the initiative launched to support the team succeeded in embodying the spirit of cooperation between the team’s fans and the administration, stressing That the fans of the team will stand with the club in adversity and joys shows the extent to which the fans are connected to this important entity for them.

Sports activist Ahmed Al-Zoubi explained to "Al-Anbat" that Al-Faisaly fans respect the decisions of the disciplinary committee, hoping that the appeal will be accepted and the penalty for depriving the fans from two matches will be reduced to one, indicating that Al-Faisaly fans represent a school of belonging as they rushed to provide financial aid to the club, which he confirmed succeeded. By collecting the amount of the financial penalty of 5 thousand dinars, and that the public will continue to support to compensate for the proceeds of the next Al-Salt match, which will be played without an audience, stressing the importance of the commitment of Jordanian club fans to the regulations and laws so that such penalties do not recur, which greatly affect the clubs’ treasuries.
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