Gov't may close any area witnesses increase in COVID-19 infections - says Minister

Friday-2020-08-14 | 12:18 pm local_news

State Minister for Media Affairs Amjad al-Adailah said that the government in light of any increase in local infections may close any city or governorate which witnesses climbing numbers in COVID-19 infections, as well as, extending curfew hours for citizens and economic facilities.

The minister told Petra, on Friday, that such procedures if taken, will be in line with the government matrix of measures related to the level of health risk in this regard.

Al-Adailah urged citizens to abide by Defense Order. 11 which obliges individuals and institutions with "the highest levels of preventive measures" against COVID-19 and imposes penalties on all those who fail to adhere to the regulations.

He added that Defense Order No. 11 will come into full force on Saturday, noting that the Public Security Department (PSD) personnel, and inspection teams will firmly apply penalties against violators, as well as, exercising zero tolerance with them.