Tax audit, crackdown yield JD455mln in 7 months

Wednesday-2020-08-12 | 01:28 pm economy

Robust auditing of tax returns and crackdown on tax dodging and evasion by the Income and Sales Tax Department (ISTD) during the January-July period of this year helped recover a total of JD445 million due to the state's treasury.

Auditing of submitted tax returns led to the recovery of JD190 million in book-tax differences and fines in the first seven months of the year, Minister of Finance Muhammad Al-Ississ said in a statement on Wednesday, adding that an additional amount of JD255 million was also recovered as a result of crackdown on tax evaders and dodgers.

He indicated that 400 taxpayers had agreed to settlements with the ISTD while 121 other had been referred to courts or to bodies concerned with looking into challenges filed by the taxpayers.

Furthermore, the minister added, 182 taxpayers had been referred to the various departments and branches of the ISTD for further scrutiny while 131 persons and entities had been required to register with the ISDT as new taxpayers.

Hussam Abu Ali, Director-General of the ISTD, said a total of 1,247 taxpayers filed for settlements, including 932 for the income tax and 315 for the general tax on sales